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Sociology and Social Justice in the 21st Century

Sociology and Social Justice in the 21st Century
Toward a More Just World

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December 2018 | SAGE Publications Ltd

Globalization and neoliberalism, the information economy and the high-tech economy have created a new transnational elite of the super rich. At the same time, however, this global market economy offers little or nothing to the increasingly poor, marginalized, and dispossessed. 

While written from different theoretical perspectives, the arguments in this text are all situated around the organizing theme of social justice, highlighting larger systemic patterns of injustice associated with neoliberal globalization. With a focus on:

  • social justice and democratization

  • social justice and human rights
  • social justice and social and economic inequalities

It provides a critical and comparative understanding of many of the divisive dynamics of contemporary globalization, including multiple forms of exclusion, subordination, and disempowerment. Given the persistence of gender inequalities, gender is emphasized throughout as an important intersectional site for understanding social justice.


International and diverse in scope, the text links sociological research to social justice with varied emphasis on theoretical, historical, analytical, descriptive and applied contexts. Committed and impassioned, this text shows how sociologists can (re)engage social justice concerns in the 21st century.

Margaret Abraham
Chapter 1: Introduction - Shaping Our World: Sociology and Social Justice in the 21st Century
Michael Burawoy
Chapter 2: A New Sociology for New Social Movements
Edgardo Lander
Chapter 3: The Twilight of Liberal Democracy Inequality in Capitalist Post- Democratic Societies
Sujata Patel & Vishal Jadhav
Chapter 4: Discourses on Social Justice, Democratization and Inequalities in India
Mona Abaza
Chapter 5: Visual Art the Revolution: Gender Struggles in Cairo’s Murals and Graffiti
Nira Yuval-Davis
Chapter 6: Gendering Human Rights’ in the Context of Public Sociology
Monica Pinto
Chapter 7: Poverty and Constitutional Rights
Patricia McFadden
Chapter 8: Contesting Gendered Rights and Entitlements in Southern Africa: Contemporary African Feminist Challenges
Bandana Purkayastha
Chapter 9: Beyond Charters and Conventions: Human Rights Through the Lens of Social Justice and Peace
Raewyn Connell
Chapter 10: Equal Schools and Hungry Markets: Sociology’s Troubled Role in the Changing Global Struggle for Social Justice in Education
Pun Ngai, Jenny Chan & Mark Selden
Chapter 11: Apple, Foxconn Production and the New Form of Labor Use in China
Paul Singer
Chapter 12: Social and Economic Inequalities: Reflections on the Brazilian Experience with Solidarity Economy
Marta Soler
Chapter 13: Public Sociology: The Sociology that Overcomes Inequalities
Evangelia Tastsoglou
Chapter 14: The Breakdown of Normality and the Practice of Citizenship: Negotiation Resistance and Exit

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