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Announcing the SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award

Inspired by the authors of Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology, and made possible by the generous contributions of numerous influential SAGE authors and editors, the SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award* (now in its tenth year) will once again help a group of graduate students and pre-tenure faculty attend the annual American Sociological Association pre-conference workshop hosted by the Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology.

2018 TIPD Award Application now available. 


Congratulations to the 2017 SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award Recipients!

Laura Atkins - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Daniel Bartholomay - University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Theresa Rocha Beardall - Cornell University

Natascia Boeri - Bloomfield College

Emily B. Campbell - City University of New York

Kelli Chapman - University of Cincinnati

Lindsey Cooper - Bowling Green State University

Jack Delehanty - University of Minnesota

Paul Durlak - The University at Buffalo, SUNY

Angela Fillingim - University of California at Irvine

Sarah Gaby - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Alan Grigsby - University of Cincinnati

Kristin Kelley - Indiana University Bloomington

David Luke - University of Kentucky

Sabrina Marks - University of Central Florida

Meghan L. Mills - Birmingham Southern College

Emily Pain - University at Albany, SUNY

Joanna Perez - California State University Dominguez Hills

Alexandra Rodney - University of Toronto

Marko Salvaggio - Goucher College

Landon Schnabel - Indiana University- Bloomington

Kody Steffy - Michigan State University

Jaclyn Tabor - Indiana University- Bloomington

Sara Tomczuk - University of Washington

Cameron Thomas Whitley - Michigan State Univ. & Rutgers Univ.-Camden

Bradley J. Zopf - University of Illinois at Chicago

The SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award is made possible by the generous contributions of the following SAGE authors:

Jeanne Ballantine, Keith Roberts, & Kathleen Korgen Our Social World 5e; Our Social World, Condensed 4e

Anna Leon-Guerrero Social Problems 4e; Contemporary Readings in Social Problems

Russ Schutt Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research 7e

George Ritzer The McDonaldization of Society 8e; Introduction to Sociology 3e; Essentials of Sociology 2e

Jodi O-Brien The Production of Reality 6e

Joseph F. Healey and Andi Stepnick Diversity and Society 5e; (with Eileen O’Brien) Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class 7e

Susan Ferguson Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class, 2e

Joan Spade and Catherine Valentine The Kaleidoscope of Gender 5e

Stephen Sweet and Peter Meiksins Changing Contours of Work 3e

Kathleen McKinney and Barbara Heyl Sociology through Active Learning 2e

Jeanne Ballantine and Joan Spade Schools and Society 5e

Keith Roberts and David Yamane Religion in Sociological Perspective 6e

Kathleen Odell Korgen and Jonathan M. White The Engaged Sociologist 5e

Kathleen Odell Korgen, Jonathan M. White, Shelly K White Sociologists in Action 2e

Kathleen Odell Korgen Contemporary Readings in Sociology

Earl Babbie Adventures in Social Research 9e

Teresa Ciabattari Sociology of Families: Change, Continuity, and Diversity

Joya Misra The Gender and Sexuality Reader

Javier Trevino Investigating Social Problems

Corey W. Dolgon. Social Problems: A Service Learning Approach

Alia Tyner Writing for Emerging Sociologists

Scott Appelrouth and Laura Desfor Edles Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory 3e; Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era 3e

William J. Chambliss and Daina Eglitis Discover Sociology, 2e

**Note: The first-listed books/authors (in bold print) contributed at a level of at least $600—thereby sponsoring at least one full grant.