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Announcing the SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award

Inspired by the authors of Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology, and made possible by the generous contributions of numerous influential SAGE authors and editors, the SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award* (now in its twelfth year) will once again help a group of graduate students and pre-tenure faculty attend the annual American Sociological Association pre-conference workshop hosted by the Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology.

2018 TIPD Award Application now available. 


Congratulations to the 2018 SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award Recipients!

Daniel Bartholomay - University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 

Alexandra Bush - University of North Texas

Emily K Carian - Stanford University

Sevsem Cicek-Okay - University of Cincinnati

Robert Francis - Johns Hopkins University

Aaryn L Green - University of Cincinnati

Lauren Griffin - Cornell University

Mabel Ho - University of British Columbia

Alfredo Huante - University of Southern California

Lily Ivanova - University of British Columbia

Hubert Izienicki - Purdue University Northwest

Hadi Khoshneviss - University of South Florida

Laura Krul - UNC Chapel Hill

Nicole Malette - University of British Columbia

Blake Martin - North Carolina State Universitty

Matthew McLeskey - SUNY Buffalo

Amanda Mireles - Stanford University

Mari Kate Mycek - North Carolina State University

Nicole Oehmen - University of Iowa

Lauren Olsen - University of California, San Diego

Jamie Palmer - University of Georgia

Greg Prieto - University of San Diego

Stef M Shuster - Appalachian State University

Chaniqua Simpson - North Carolina State University

Chris Vidmar - Georgia State University

Chandra Ward - University of Tennessee,Chataanooga

Eric Wright - Indiana University, Bloomington

Amanda Wyant - North Carolina State University

The SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award is made possible by the generous contributions of the following SAGE authors:

Jeanne Ballantine, Keith Roberts, and Kathleen Korgen - Our Social World 6e; Our Social World, Condensed 5e

Anna Leon-Guerrero - Social Problems 5e; Contemporary Readings in Social Problems

Russ Schutt - Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice of Research 8e

Kathleen Odell Korgen and Maxine Atkinson - Sociology in Action

George Ritzer - The McDonaldization of Society 9e; Introduction to Sociology 4e; Essentials of Sociology 3e; Contemporary Sociological Theory 5e; Modern Sociological Theory 8e; Sociological Theory 10e; Classical Sociological Theory 7e

Stephen Sweet and Peter Meiksins - Changing Contours of Work 3e

Jodi O'Brien - The Production of Reality 6e; Gender, Sexuality, and Intimacy: A Contexts Reader

Susan Ferguson - Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class, 2e; Mapping the Social Landscape 8e; Shifting the Center 5e

Joya Misra - The Gender and Sexuality Reader; Gendered Lives, Sexual Beings

Javier Trevino - Investigating Social Problems 2e; The Development of Sociological Theory

Joseph F. Healey - Diversity and Society 5e; Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class 8e

Jeanne Ballantine - Schools and Society 6e

Keith Roberts - Religion in Sociological Perspective 6e

Kathleen Odell Korgen - The Engaged Sociologist 5e

Earl Babbie - Adventures in Social Research 10e

Teresa Ciabattari - Sociology of Families: Change, Continuity, and Diversity

Alia Tyner - Writing for Emerging Sociologists

Scott Appelrouth - Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory 3e; Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era 3e; Sociological Theory in the Classical Era, 3e

Daina Eglitis - Discover Sociology, 3e; Discover Sociology: Core Concepts

**Note: The first-listed books/authors (in bold print) contributed at a level of at least $600—thereby sponsoring at least one full grant.