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Whatever type of library or institution you are based at we have something that is sure to match your needs. From government to NGO’s, law firms to hospitals, engineering to pharmaceutical, public libraries to schools, anyone responsible for information management or content delivery will benefit from staying up to date with all our products and purchasing options.

As a leading international publisher of ground-breaking research, award winning digital platforms, journals and books, SAGE has helped inform a global community of practitioners, researchers, and professionals working across a wide range of sectors spanning the Humanities and Social Sciences, Business & Management, Government, Politics & International Relations, and Science, Technology and Medicine. We are sure to have something to fit your needs!

Resources for your market:

We cater to multiple sectors and business needs, including:

 NGO (Non-profits)  Corporate/R&D
 School Libraries/K-12  Hospitals and Medical Facilities
 National and Local Government  Public Libraries

Benefits to your library include:

  • Access to highly ranked, vetted, and original content on award-winning platforms
  • Easily discoverable answers to your researchers questions
  • Enable the evolving needs and development of your employee’s skills
  • Hard-to-find government data, original reports, and Primary Source Collections just a click away

SAGE Journals: over 1000 international, peer-reviewed journals, with multiple purchasing options including SAGE PremierSAGE Packages and Subject Collections

Research Methods: innovative products combining authoritative content with a world-class interface on SAGE Research Methods

Data: carefully vetted, hard-to-find, normalized, and citable information from SAGE andCQ Press

Books and Reference: cross-search 5,000+ texts, reference works, handbooks, series, professional titles and more on our easy-to-use social sciences digital library. Explore the SAGE Knowledge platform now!

Primary Source Archives: innovative tools are put into the hands of students and researchers for increased engagement with Adam Matthew.

Reports: curricular relevance on newsworthy or controversial topics with the immediacy of investigative journalism from CQ Press. Additional resources

We can help!

Purchase or sign up for a trial to any or all of our products and benefit from the following resources:

  • Request customized usage-driving banner ads or search widgets for your library site to boost usage

  • Download and view our User Guides and training videos for use in your library

  • Request live online training to help you and your patrons get the most out of your products and trials

  • Request usage statistics

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Non-Academic Corporate, Non-profit, U.S. Government:

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Non-Academic Medical, Public Library, Canadian Government:

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