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First Edition

January 2017 | 1 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Guide your students through the process of planning, preparing, and practicing their speech— one step at a time!


SpeechPlanner is a self-guided online tool that shows students how to structure their speech and allows students to export a speech outline that they can use to rehearse. The newly redesigned mobile-first platform makes it easier than ever for students to navigate through the steps and rehearse their speeches with the updated “Practice” timer. Packed with over 100 videos of speech tips and full length speeches, this valuable planner makes it simple and easy to create highly effective, successful speeches anywhere, any time.


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Key features


  • A newly designed mobile-friendly platform has improved the navigation experience—making it easier for students to interact with each of the steps and allowing them to easily respond using their mobile devises.
  • A comprehensive Speech Video Library includes:
    • Video clips tied to each step in SpeechPlanner—making it easy for students to see the different elements of a speech such as stating your speech thesis and supporting your main point.
    • Full length speeches with embedded PowerPoint slides for students to reference when creating visual aids.
  • A redesigned “Practice” tool with an updated timer gives students the ability to allocate a certain amount of time for each topic and count down how much time each topic takes—allowing students to effectively adjust the timing of their speech. 
  •  ?Updated “Tips” and “Examples” appear next to each step in the product so students stay engaged throughout the process.

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ISBN: 9781506380254