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Statistics for Politics and International Relations Using IBM SPSS Statistics

Statistics for Politics and International Relations Using IBM SPSS Statistics

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March 2020 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Guiding you from first principles to advanced techniques, this book uses IBM SPSS Statistics examples specific to your Politics and International Relations studies to equip you with the tools to understand key concepts in quantitative research, and use them to produce and interpret data. The book takes you through the entire research process, from choosing a research question through to writing up your findings.

Key features include:

  • Software-specific sections in each chapter to show you how to use SPSS, while mathematical equations are kept to a minimum
  • Packed with real life examples
  • Extensive learning features including: chapter objectives, boxed summaries, illustrations, exercises and end-of-chapter questions, suggestions of further reading and a glossary 
  • Accompanied by a collection of online resources including datasets, exercises, multiple choice questions, podcasts, videos and further reading and weblinks.

This is an invaluable research companion for students of Politics and International Relations using IBM SPSS Statistics.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Approaches to the social world
Chapter 3: Getting started with SPSS
Chapter 4: Describing Categorical Data
Chapter 5: Visualizing categorical data
Chapter 6: Inference with categorical data
Chapter 7: Describing continuous data
Chapter 8: Visualizing continuous data
Chapter 9: Comparing group means
Chapter 10: Inference with continuous data
Chapter 11: Writing about data
Appendix: Activity answers

Dr Williams’ book is an excellent and scary-free introduction to statistics. Using engaging examples from politics and international relations help to illustrate difficult, abstract concepts, making learning statistics fun and approachable. A must-read for all politics undergraduate students!


Anja Neundorf, Professor of Politics and Research Methods, University of Glasgow. 

Anja Neundorf
Professor of Politics and Research Methods, University of Glasgow.

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