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STATLAB Online 2.0 Student Slim Pack

STATLAB Online 2.0 Student Slim Pack

October 2015 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Statistics come alive when students create and analyze their own data!

STATLAB Online 2.0 allows students to participate in behavioral experiments by gathering and analyzing their own data using the statistical techniques taught in introductory statistics and research methods courses. Students are guided through the analysis of their data to demonstrate different statistical techniques in a meaningful way. By working with their own data, STATLAB Online 2.0 provides a new way for students to appreciate the relevance of statistical analyses for understanding human behavior. Version 2.0 includes six new labs and features a new, mobile-friendly interface with improved navigation.

1.     Frequency Distribution Speeded Reaction Time

2.     Percentile Rank Sense of Humor

3.     Central Tendency Horizontal-Vertical Illusion

4.     Standard Deviation Weber's Law

5.     Standard (z) Scores Memory Span

6.     Correlation Lexical Decision

7.     Probability (New!) Typical Reasoning

8.     Confidence Intervals Air Traffic Control

9.     One-sample T-test Ebbinghaus Size Illusion

10.   Two-sample T-test Judging Faces

11.   Two-sample T-test Emotional Stroop Effect

12.   Chi Square Test (New!) Zenner Cards

13.   Chi Square Test Levels of Processing

14.   One-way ANOVA Judging Art

15.   Two-way ANOVA (New!) Flanker Effect

16.   Two-way Within Subjects ANOVA (New!) Brain Asymmetry

17.   Power and Sample Size (New!) Stroop Effect

18.   Linear Fit (New!) Visual Search

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STATLAB Online 2.0 can be bundled with any SAGE text for just $10 more! See BUNDLES information to the right of your screen and learn more about some of our most popular textbook bundles, or contact your sales representative to set up a unique bundle for your course. STATLAB Online 2.0 can also be purchased alone by clicking the BUY NOW button above. The access code can also be purchased at your college bookstore or through many online retailers.

Instructors, request a demo!

To request a demo of STATLAB Online 2.0, contact your SAGE representative today. 

“Students will be more interested in the course when they participate in data collection as opposed to being given the data—they get more context and get more involved in problem-solving. STATLAB Online is an interactive learning activity for introductory statistics that happens to use technology to apply the concepts.”

Joseph G. Johnson
Miami University

“The major benefit of STATLAB Online is that because you are asking for specific responses students are forced to think and work through the problems and use statistics to analyze data.”

Daniel McConnell
University of Central Florida
Key features


  • Six new labs raise the total number of labs available—and skills covered—from 12 to 18 for even more opportunities to generate and analyze data.
  • A new, user-friendly interface features an updated design and offers enhanced interactive functionality for easier navigation and use.
  • No plugins or software installations are required—Version 2.0 functions seamlessly by simply using a recent standards-compliant web browser.
  • Mobile and browser friendly, Version 2.0 makes it easy for students to access their labs anywhere, anytime, from almost any device with an Internet connection.


  • Labs include traditional social and behavioral science experiments that allow students to participate in and learn (first-hand) about classic, seminal experiments. 
  • The dynamic, interactive environment underscores the hands-on, applied approach that students need to understand the material.
  • Opportunities to practice doing statistics bring concepts to life.
  • Great value! It is just $10 when bundled with any other SAGE textbook ($35 list price).
  • An online gradebook is included (requires exporting/importing into an LMS) to make it easier to manage and track student progress. 
  • The student-generated data is all unique, making it relevant and impossible to share answers.

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