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Stories of Caring School Leadership

Stories of Caring School Leadership

August 2020 | 264 pages | Corwin

Preface: This Book and How To Use It
About the Authors
Introduction: Caring School Leadership
Collection I: Stories of Being Caring in Relationships with Students
Collection II: Stories of Cultivating Schools as Caring Communities
Collection III: Stories of Fostering Caring in Families and Community

These stories from practitioners in the field demonstrate how important it is for school leaders to act with empathy, kindness, and compassion to create a school culture where learning can take place.  Caring is the first step in building a relationship where students feel safe to take risks in the classroom on academic tasks.  This book is a must read for both aspiring and practicing school leaders who want to see the Professional Standards for Educational Leadership brought to life.

Jacquelyn O. Wilson, Executive Director; National Policy Board for Educational Administration; Reston, VA

This profound and practical book animates the irreplaceable presence of caring necessary for the learning and development of children and youth. Constructed from practitioners’ stories with multiple avenues for access, these moving narratives provide examples of strategies that will lead high school parents to flock to conferences, how middle school students were helped to address concerns about a teacher, how timely support was given for an elementary child on the autism spectrum, how an equity committee was formed, and how an organizational context for caring was created.

Robert Garmston, Professor Emeritus; California State University, Sacramento, CA
Robert Garmston, Professor Emeritus; California State University, Sacramento, CA

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ISBN: 9781071801826