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Become a SAGE/CQ PRESS Advisor!

Welcome, instructor.

We are so pleased to announce the publication of Scott Abernathy’s American Government: Stories of a Nation. All along it has been our goal to produce a teaching and learning resource for the Intro to American Government course that is built by instructors and students, for instructors and students. With this goal in mind we have spent years putting this book in its many forms in front of countless instructors and students and gathering valuable feedback that has helped us to shape the book into what it is today…and we’re not done yet! Now that the book is published we need your help to validate what we believe are the book’s biggest strengths and identify ways that we might improve it in the next revision.

Give us 25 minutes of your time and we’ll email you a $25 gift card. Here’s how it works:

  1. Do you have your complimentary review copy yet? If not, request a copy.
  2. Once you get your review copy, take our brief survey which will walk you through specific features of the book and ask you for feedback along the way.
  3. Once you complete the survey you will be emailed the $25 honorarium within 48 hours of submission.

This is not only a chance to participate in a paid review, but a great way to be introduced to this exciting new text that is already inspiring instructors and students across the country. To hear what they have to say, just take a look at the testimonials on the back and inside front cover of the book when it arrives.

Questions? Comments? I’m listening!

Erica DeLuca
Executive Market Development Manager
SAGE/CAQ Press Publishing