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Strategic Social Marketing

Strategic Social Marketing

© 2015 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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'For anyone interested in great social marketing practice in the 21st century, and how it needs to adapt as our understanding of behaviour change evolves, this publication is chock full of good practice and smart strategy.’ 
Dan Metcalfe, Deputy Director - Marketing, Public Health England, UK

Strategic Social Marketing
takes a systemic approach to explaining and illustrating the added value of applying marketing to solve social problems. The authors present social marketing principles in a strategic, critical and reflexive way to help engender social good via the effectiveness and efficiency of social programmes in areas such as Health, Environment, Governance and Public Policy. In illustrating how it can be applied, the text places Strategic Social Marketing in a global context, giving examples and case studies from around the world.

Set into a clear structure it:

  • Takes you through an exploration of why marketing should be an integral component of all social programme design and delivery when looking to achieve social good
  • Moves on to the nature and application of social marketing, rethinking traditional concepts such as
     ‘value’ and ‘exchange’ in the social context
  • Lays out the ‘how to’ so you can create fully realised strategy, plans, frameworks and tactics to influence behaviours.

Visit the Strategic Social Marketing Website - Featuring free resources for marketing students and lecturers.

Section A: Why?
Chapter 1: The importance of social marketing for social policy
Chapter 2: The nature of social marketing
Chapter 3: Marketing social good
Section B: What?
Chapter 4: The social marketing mix
Chapter 5: Strategic social marketing
Chapter 6: Creating value through social marketing
Section C: How?
Chapter 7: Systems thinking and social marketing
Chapter 8: Using theory in social marketing
Chapter 9: Research approaches in social marketing
Chapter 10: Research methods in social marketing
Chapter 11: Social marketing and social programme design
Chapter 12: Planning social marketing interventions
Chapter 13: Embedding social marketing within social programmes
Chapter 14: Critical social marketing


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Strategic Social Marketing
by Jeff French and Ross Gordon is accompanied by a free companion website.  This website gives you access to a wealth of teaching and learning resources.

For students
A range of useful documents to help you become more strategic social marketers including:

  • Evaluation guides
  • Checklist
  • 30 things we know about how to influence behaviour
  • SAGE Marketing Pinterest boards, featuring useful templates, up to date news, and more.

For lecturers

  • PowerPoint slides featuring key concepts and figure and tables from the book which can be downloaded and used in presentations
  • Images from the books images idea for inserting into your own lecture slides.

I requested this for one module, but it's too complex for that Level 4 module focus. However, for students undertaking projects at Level 5, some with a charitable focus, this would be a useful book to have in the library.

Dr Bex Lewis
MMU Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University
June 30, 2016

Well written, new approaches and easy to read.

Ms Emilia Mantadakis
Department of Political Science, Maastricht University
December 10, 2015

This is a very good book offering a wealth of information for those interested in the social aims side of marketing. Gone are the days when marketing was seen as the preserve of commercial/profit making activities. Any well rounded marketer should be aware of this important area of study which offers huge potential benefits for our communities. I thoroughly recommend it for all studies/responsibilities that may benefit from this important area of study including marketing students, business/management studies as well as those with a specific interest in improving our communities (local or global) such as those working with public bodies, NGOs and the like.

Dr Chahid Fourali
London Metropolitan Business School, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)
September 11, 2015

A detailed overview of strategic social marketing.

Mr Michael Parsons
Faculty of Business and Society, University of South Wales
August 19, 2015

Not suitable for my area, however, have pass this book onto a colleague who I think will find exceptionally relevant.

Mrs Kathleen Meehan
Dept of Education, St Angela's College
May 13, 2015

It presents great insights regarding the changes brought by social media and how to leverage them by better defining marketing strategies.

Ms Aglaya Batz
Operations Management, Brandenburgische Technische Universität
March 30, 2015

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