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Studying Organizational Symbolism

Studying Organizational Symbolism
What, How, Why?

Volume: 39

March 1996 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Gaining a better understanding of the way organizations work through the study of the symbols connected to them is the subject of Studying Organizational Symbolism. Michael Owen Jones briefly discusses the most obvious symbolic aspects of organizations--corporate logos, office sizes, use of titles--but focuses on the less obvious but crucial aspect of expressive forms of symbolism--storytelling, institutional jargon, and workplace personalization, among others. Jones carefully defines organizational symbolism and then explains the various methodologies that assist the researcher in documenting it. Finally, he examines the symbolism inherent in doing research on organizations. Researchers interested in any facet of organizational studies will find Studying Organizational Symbolism to be a useful and necessary guide.

What Is Organizational Symbolism? How and Why Study It?
Getting Started
Observing Performances, Stylistics, and Meaning Making
Inquiring about Symbolism, Feelings, and Aesthetics
Recording Performances versus Reconstructing Texts
Being Aware of the Symbolics of Research

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