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Successful Research Projects

Successful Research Projects
A Step-by-Step Guide

The essential guide to developing, performing, analyzing, and reporting your research

January 2013 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Successful Research Projects: A Step-by-Step Guide is a concise and accessible text that guides students through each component of the research process. Using a step-by-step active learning approach, acclaimed professor and researcher Dr. Bernard C. Beins discusses each of the key actions required for students to confidently develop, perform, analyze, and report the results of their research in a thorough, accurate, and methodologically sound manner. Throughout the text, they will discover not only how to complete each step, but how the steps at any point relate to other aspects of their research and writing.

Chapter 1: Developing Your Research Idea
Chapter 2: Expanding Your Knowledge
Chapter 3: Acting Ethically in Your Research
Chapter 4: Adapting and Developing Your Methodology
Chapter 5: Your Results
Chapter 6: Drawing Conclusions
Chapter 7: Writing a Research Report in APA Style
Appendix A: Creating a Poster Presentation
Appendix B: Using SPSS for Data Analysis

Writing in a clear, easy-to-understand style, Beins leads the reader through each step of the research process.


Excellent resource, suitable in supporting students undertaking research projects.

Mrs Penny Yates
Island Training, Isle of Wight College
May 4, 2015
Key features


  • Each chapter is directed at a specific action in the research process for ease of use and reference.
  • Active exercises throughout the text prepare students to develop their research.
  • Connection sections help students see how each step relates to the next step in the research process.
  • The Appendix includes valuable tools such as a guide to writing a research paper and an outline for presenting research.

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Chapter 1

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