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Successful Site-Based Management

Successful Site-Based Management
A Practical Guide

Second Edition

February 1997 | 128 pages | Corwin
Are you seeking to improve your school or district's educational programs and services? Are you trying to raise the quality of the work environment for all staff? Then Successful Site-Based Management is for you. Get ready to effect real improvement at your school or in your district. Find out how your site-based management team can spend less time getting organized and establishing policies, and more time focusing on the substantive issues of school change. Don't let your team's good intentions be overcome by bureaucracy. Use the concrete, practical information in this hands-on guide to make site-based management work. Your team will learn: * The 9 essential skills required to support site-based management * The 25 steps to implementation * How to make it through the first few difficult weeks * How to recognize a school's progress (or lack of it) * How to find the time to have a site-based management team * What site-based management has to do with student achievement Reynolds defines new roles and responsibilities for principals, central office personnel, and the site team. He explains the difference between leadership and management and shows how to develop leadership at every level. The book includes 50 worksheets to customize for any school management team in any school or district setting. It offers questions and activities to help identify a school's particular issues, circumstances, and needs--so that school's team can better serve its school. If your school is getting ready to implement site-based management, or if your district has mandated site-based management, this book can take your district, your school, and your team from status quo to school improvement.

Introduction to Site-Based Management
New Perspectives, Knowledge and Skills
The Role of the Central Office
Strategic Planning and Site-Based Management
Putting the Vision to Work
The Principal
The Key to Success

Expanding the Role of the Principal
Structuring the Site Team for Success
Learning New Skills
Working with the School Community
How Do We Know if We Are Making Progress?

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