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Successful Teaching Placement in Scotland Primary and Early Years

Successful Teaching Placement in Scotland Primary and Early Years

First Edition

May 2008 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
The majority of ITE students in Scotland are postgraduates with only one year to grasp the vast skills and knowledge required to become a primary teacher. Therefore, for many, school placement is a source of stress and worry. This book combines the information and support that students need to help them prepare for, enjoy and maximise the benefits of teaching placements for their professional development. It has been specifically written for the education system in Scotland, taking full account of the differences in practice and terminology that make English books of little use to trainees in Scotland.

Preparing for professional placement
Starting in school
Learning to observe, plan and evaluate on teaching placement
Learning to teach on placement
Learning to assess, monitor and report on children's progress
Individualised training: target-setting, observation and assessment on placement
The challenges of placement
Moving on
The probation year

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