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Supervising Counsellors

Supervising Counsellors
Issues of Responsibility

First Edition
Edited by:

May 2001 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Supervising Counsellors is a practical and insightful guide to the responsibilities facing all those involved in supervising practitioners and trainees. Drawing together contributions and new research from those at the forefront of supervisory practice, this book makes essential reading for both qualified and trainee supervisors.

Part One defines the supervisor's clinical, legal and ethical responsibilities, and clearly sets out the law and professional codes relating to supervision. Part Two examines issues that arise for supervisors working in different contexts: organizations; training; primary care; and some of the wider issues concerning supervision, and highlights in particular the expectations of supervisees and the role of supervisors in ensuring that clients are not discriminated against.

Sue Wheeler and David King
David King
Clinical Responsibility and the Supervision of Counsellors
Peter Jenkins
Supervisory Responsibility and the Law
Nicola Barden
The Responsibility of the Supervisor in the British Association of Counsellors Codes of Ethics and Practice
Sue Copeland
Supervisor Responsibility within Organizational Contexts
Susannah Izzard
The Responsibility of the Supervisor Supervising Trainees
Penny Henderson
Supervising Counsellors in Primary Care
Sue Wheeler
Supervision of Counsellors Working Independently in Private Practice
What Responsibility Does the Supervisor Have for the Counsellor and Their Work

Hilda Rapp
Working with Difference and Diversity
The Responsibilities of the Supervisor

Melanie Lockett
The Responsibilities of the Group Supervisor
Sue Wheeler and David King
Supervision for Supervisors
What Are the Implications for Responsibility
Angela Webb
Expecting the Impossible? What Responsibility Do Counsellors Expect Their Supervisors to Take?

`I found this edition on supervising counsellors comprehensive and most accessible.... This book does not lay down the rules of supervision rather it illustrates problem areas and offers guidelines, thus supporting the supervisor, while ensuring that the supervisee gets the best supervision possible' - Eisteach

Essential reading for all trainee counsellors and their supervisors.

Well written with some excellent names in the world of supervision as contributors.

Counselling Studies, Eastleigh College
December 10, 2009

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