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Sustainability and Human Settlements

Sustainability and Human Settlements
Fundamental Issues, Modeling and Simulations

First Edition

June 2018 | 209 pages | SAGE India
This book—an outcome of the authors’ ongoing research on the complex relationships between humans and water in an urban context—presents an integrated model for assessing and forecasting the sustainability of human settlements, particularly urban communities. After introducing the conceptual and contextual dimensions of sustainability through an extensive review of the literature on the subject, the authors go on to explain their model. They then elaborate on the methodology for its formulation, development and implementation. This model has also been used to analyse changes in the availability of water and open spaces, and variations in lifestyles, community attitudes and living conditions including sanitation practices, and waste generation and its disposal.
Vivek N Patkar
Foreword Vivek K Patkar
Sustainable Development: A Study of the Literature
Sustainable Human Settlements
Sustainable Human Settlements Models: Implementation
Sustainable Human Settlements: A Model Formulation
Integrated Model Simulation System

The book provides a macroscopic view of the concept, methodology and techniques of sustainability while signaling the world to take appropriate action to conserve the planet and make it a safe and better place to live in.

Development and Change

This timely document will assist readers to build upon and enlarge their knowledge of the broad interdisciplinary field of sustainable development. It will be of immense use to students, researchers and teachers involved in human settlement planning, environmental studies, urban and regional planning and development, architecture, large systems modeling, policy analysis and simulation. Policymakers, activists and officials in a variety of organizations and institutions will also benefit from this book.

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