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Sweating the Small Stuff

Sweating the Small Stuff
Answers to Teachers' Big Problems

December 1998 | 128 pages | Corwin
Get off to a great start in your classroom and with your students - but don't spend hours doing so! This book sweats the small stuff for you. Think of it as "the expert at your side, " full of the best ways to do things. Use the quick little tips called "try it today" and make big problems itty-bitty ones. Workbook format: 8+" x 11"

Sweating the Small Stuff
Setting Up Your Classroom
Implementing Lessons
Promoting Positive Behavior
Handling Student Speeches, Projects, and Presentations
Being Aware of the Talents, Needs, and Styles of Your Students
Assessing and Grading Process
Assigning Homework
Catching Up Absentees
Handling the Paperwork
Planning for Substitutes
Using Volunteers
Managing Field Trips
Handling Classroom Parties, Plays, and Special Events
Making Parent Contacts Productive
Getting Along with Administrators
Avoiding Burnout
Serving on Committees
Making the Most of Professional Development
Presenting at Faculty Meetings or Conferences
Interviewing for a New Position

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ISBN: 9780803967892