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Symposium Journals to be published by SAGE!

We are delighted to announce that effective the 28th August 2014, SAGE has purchased education journals publisher, Symposium Journals Limited. The acquisition results in Symposium's entire journal portfolio of nine titles becoming a part of SAGE's journal program, including all of the following titles:

  • Citizenship, Social and Economics Education - a focus for scholarly and professional studies in the fields of education, socialisation, curriculum development and aspects of economics, sociology, politics and social psychology.
  • Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood - forum for researchers and professionals who are exploring new and alternative perspectives in their work with young children and their families.
  • E-Learning and Digital Media- forum for in-depth analysis of major legal developments throughout the common law world.
  • European Educational Research Journal -published on behalf of the European Educational Research Association, covers all aspects of educational research which illuminate the cases and contents of the emerging borderless space of European educational research.
  • Global Studies of Childhood - provides an opportunity for researchers, university and college students and professionals who are interested in issues associated with childhood in education, family, and community contexts from a global perspective to present, share and discuss their work.
  • Policy Futures in Education - promotes debate in education among university academics, practicing policy analysts in government and local government, national and international policy advisors, politicians, members of policy think-tanks and world policy agencies such as the World Bank, OECD and the European Union.
  • Power and Education - promotes critical studies of contemporary educational practice and challenging the complicit practices and assumptions of mainstream educational research.
  • Psychology Learning & Teaching - devoted to enhancing knowledge of how to improve learning and teaching of psychology.
  • Research in Comparative & International Education - concerned with research and its methods. It seeks to publish new research in the field of comparative and international education, broadly defined, or which address theoretical and methodological issues in comparative and international education with clear research relevance. 


Subscriptions and any subscription queries relating to the current 2014 volumes should continue to be directed until the end of the year to

SAGE will issue renewals and pricing for the 2015 volume and manage all subscription queries for the 2015 volume with immediate effect, and all queries to all prior volume years from the beginning of 2015. Enquires can be directed at any time to

For consortia, multi-site and global licensing deals contact

Please note, because package information was already released for 2015, these titles will not be included in our SAGE Premier and other SAGE packages until 2016. We will, however, renew all customers who currently subscribe to the complete package of all 9 Symposium Journals as normal.

Orders via subscription agents

If you are using a subscription agent, please instruct your agent as usual. We are notifying all subscription agents of this change of publisher and they will be able to handle your query.

My subscription includes online access to the journals. Is there any change in access?

You will be able to continue to access the issues of all journals to which you have subscribed to via the Symposium Journals website, . The journals will launch on SAGE Journals from their first 2015 issues following which we will implement redirects from the present sites for access to all issues to Volume 1 Number 1.

If you have an existing account with SAGE then the Symposium Journal(s) you subscribe to will automatically be added to your SAGE account. You will be able to access Symposium Journals content in the same way as your other journal content.

If by subscribing to a Symposium Journal you are new to SAGE then an account will be set up for you and an account administrator will send an email with login details for your account.

How will I retrieve my usage statistics?

You can continue to access usage statistics as before and we will work and enquires can continue to be sent to while we manage the transition to SAGE.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

If you have any queries relating to the acquisition, please contact