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Introduction to Education

Fourth Edition
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January 2019 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Teach is a concise introduction to education that challenges students’ preconceived notions of teaching in order to transform into reflective practitioners. Empathizing with the difficulties students face moving from the college classroom to their own classrooms, revered author Janice Koch invites readers to both reflect on their own dispositions for teaching and to look outside of themselves to the demands of the profession, making the philosophy of teaching and learning accessible and relevant.  

The Fourth Edition emphasizes the changing student population and the role of technology and globalization in the field, while also explicitly connecting material to edTPA and Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards. With the guidance of this supportive text, students will gain vital exposure engaging with professional standards from the very start of their career.  
Part I: Thinking About Teaching: Making the Decision
Chapter 1: Becoming a Teacher: Looking Forward and Backward at the Same Time
1-1 Looking Backward: Talking about Teaching  
1-2 Looking Forward: The Profession  
1-3 The Workplace: School Climate and School Culture  
1-4 An Era of Testing and Standardization  
Chapter 2: Teaching Stories
2-1 Taking the Roll Call for Students and Teachers  
2-2 Excitement and Challenges in Teaching  
2-3 Teaching and Vision  
2-4 Support for Teachers  
2-5 Teachers as Lifelong Learners  
Part II: Educational Foundations: History and Instructional Practices
Chapter 3: A History of Schooling in America
3-1 An Introduction to the History of U.S. Public Education  
3-2 The Swinging Pendulum: Dominant Philosophies Influencing Education  
3-3 Educational Reform: Funding, Priorities, and Standards  
Chapter 4: What Does It Mean to Teach and to Learn?
4-1 Can Anyone Teach?  
4-2 Pedagogy and Instruction  
4-3 How People Learn  
4-4 Understanding by Design  
4-5 What Is a Curriculum?  
4-6 Assessment: How Do We Know What They Know?  
4-7 Becoming a Teacher  
Part III: Looking at Today's Schools
Chapter 5: Who Are Today’s Students?
5-1 The Students: A Changing Landscape  
5-2 Students Who Are at Risk  
5-3 Student Diversity: Challenges and Opportunities  
5-4 Multiple Intelligences: What Does It Mean to Be “Smart”?  
5-5 Multiple Intelligences Are Not Learning Styles  
5-6 Teaching the Broad Range of Diverse Students  
Chapter 6: Contemporary Trends in Education
6-1 The Inclusion Classroom  
6-2 Universal Design for Learning  
6-3 The Education of Gifted and Talented Students  
6-4 Differentiated Instruction  
6-5 Social and Emotional Learning  
6-6 The Power of Projects and Problems for Student Learning  
6-7 The Achievement Gap  
6-8 Creating a Safe School Climate: The Concern about Violence in Schools  
6-9 Protecting the Rights of Students  
6-10 The Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers  
Chapter 7: Classroom Teaching in a Digital World
7-1 Students and Social Media  
7-2 Classrooms and Smartphones  
7-3 The Problem of Information Overload  
7-4 Internet Technology and Learning  
7-5 Internet Safety  
7-6 The Digital Divide  
7-7 Assistive Technology  
Chapter 8: The Global Classroom
8-1 Online Education in the Knowledge Economy  
8-2 Globalization and Learning  
8-3 Teaching in the Global Classroom  
Part IV: Classrooms, Communities, and You
Chapter 9: The Classroom as Community
9-1 Building Community in the Classroom  
9-2 Preventing Harassment and Bullying  
9-3 School Safety and Gun Violence Prevention  
9-4 Classroom Community and Goodness of Fit  
Chapter 10: Making the Decision to Become a Teacher
10-1 Goodness of Fit  
10-2 Getting Started in the Teaching Profession  
10-3 Educational Associations  
10-4 Build Your Teaching Portfolio  


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SAGE edge offers a robust online environment featuring an impressive array of tools and resources for review, study, and further exploration, keeping both instructors and students on the cutting edge of teaching and learning. SAGE edge content is open access and available on demand. Learning and teaching has never been easier!

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"Designed in a format that will grasp and hold the attention of the modern day 21th-century technological students, this is an excellent book for an introductory course in the field of education. Teach gives any student contemplating becoming a teacher a real-world current event look at the requirements for becoming a teacher."

Robert Walker, Ed.D.
Southwest Tennessee Community College

"Teach is a concise, high quality, student-based exploration of the teaching profession."

Alfred P. Longo, PhD
Ocean County College

"Great introductory text that is thorough yet succinct!"

Gregory Jennings, Ed.D.
Lehman College, City University of New York

"Teach provides a thorough introduction to education for undergraduate students considering the teaching profession. It is organized, contemporary and aligned with the InTASC standards, something that most institutions value."

Dr. Katherin Garland
Santa Fe College

"This text focuses on the future educator as a reflective practitioner, offering multiple ways of engaging the reader in thinking about various aspects of education. The chapters are designed to look at the educator’s role in ensuring a safe and effective learning environment for every student in their classroom."

Kathleen Holt
Nashua Community College
Key features


  • Revised chapter-opening learning outcomes focus readers' attention on the themes of the chapter and acts as a helpful roadmap.
  • Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards are now connected in every chapter.
  • End-of-chapter pedagogy supports student comprehension by summarizing learning outcomes, listing important key terms, providing journal prompts, and positioning succinct review questions that speak to the chapter’s themes and content.
  • New teacher stories in every chapter feature the voices of practicing educators, providing students with relatable and authentic examples of what they can expect to encounter in the field.
  • Timely topics including student diversity, school safety and gun violence, the enormous role that technology plays in teaching and learning, sexual orientation and gender identity, the overall importance of personal wellness in teacher success, and more are explored.
  • SAGE coursepacks allows instructors to import high-quality content into their school’s learning management system (LMS) with no access codes.
  •  SAGE edge provides students helpful tools, including eFlashcards, practice quizzes, a customizable action plan, and more, all in one easy-to-use online environment. 
  • An all-new end-of-book glossary provides clear and concise definitions for all of the key terms used in the text.


  • SAGE Premium Video curated and produced exclusively for this text brings concepts to life and appeals to diverse learners.
    • Video Cases show footage from real, diverse classrooms, allowing teachers-in-training to get a sense of what to expect in their future classes.
  • Brief, comprehensive chapters present content in an engaging and accessible format, without sacrificing important content.
  • Writing and Reflection boxes help students explore teaching as a possible profession and act as a starting point for their teaching portfolio.
  • Authenticity is rooted throughout the text with stories from real teachers and opportunities for students to reflect on their connection with the material via Writing and Reflection boxes.

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