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Teaching, Learning, and Trauma, Grades 6-12

Teaching, Learning, and Trauma, Grades 6-12
Responsive Practices for Holding Steady in Turbulent Times

July 2020 | 192 pages | Corwin

Chapter 1: In Their Natural Habitat
Chapter 2: Self Regulation
Chapter 3: Self Care
Chapter 4: Know Me to Teach Me
Chapter 5: Healthy Relationships in Complicated Times
Chapter 6: Conflict Resolution
Chapter 7: Integrating It All

"After 30 years in education, I rarely come across books that provide NEW ideas and provoke strong debate among my colleagues. THIS is that book. It is filled with stories and linked knowledgecrucial information, reallythat reflects the reality and truth of our relationships in schools. The stories are told with nuance and grace and demand attention, consideration, and conversation in order to increase the odds that schools can truly continue to develop better humans–students and their teachers alike–every day. The authors live this truth. I believe them and I aspire to work with a fraction of their intensity, knowledge, passion, and skill to serve young adults and grownup educators."

Sam Bennett
Instructional Coach, Education Consultant, Author of "That Workshop Book"

"Oh boy, do I need this book! If you work with teens, you know they can be quirky. Add chronic stress and trauma to the mix and one can feel at a loss on how to keep the teaching and learning going. If this is a trend you are noticing, this book will not only explain why teens act the way they do, but also provide instructional strategies that honor and harness their behaviors—and your own—to keep engagement high. The authors help readers understand the science behind teen behaviors, provide useful strategies to re-engage students, and give you hope that you can continue to do the job you love of teaching teens! Teaching, Learning, and Trauma is a must-have for any educator working with adolescents—a just-right book for our complicated times." 

Cris Tovani
Teacher, Author of "I Read It But I Don't Get It"

"This book goes beyond giving tips on classroom management. The authors do a great job not just focusing on student stress, but also on teacher stress and how to mitigate it. They give the educator an opportunity to step into a student’s shoes while bringing in cultural awareness that extends across all races and social economic classes."

Kendra Simmons
Center for the Advancement of Transformative Education (CATE)

"Teaching, Learning, and Trauma offers a compelling message of hope for educators across all disciplines. It moves from an idea to implementation and is easy to read for busy educators. It offers practical solutions for facilitating the process of handling chronic stress in schools and is the one tool that will enhance the culture and performance of one’s school."

Debra Paradowski,
Arrowhead Union High School

"Emotional trauma can influence all parts of the school experience for both students and adults. This book is a great resource and a reminder of the importance of building relationships."

Lena Marie Rockwood, Ed.D.
Revere High School

"This book is highly relevant to the changing landscape of teaching and learning. Teaching with trauma-informed practices is extremely important and necessary for today’s learners. The authors offer practical strategies to assist the teacher to create a safe environment for all student...and themselves."

Brenda Green
Cabin John Middle School

"Authors Brooke and Beth have a genuine warm approach to topics educators have wrestled with over the years. This book uses stories that one can relate to and that are relevant to all educators, especially at the secondary level where teens are experiencing trauma and schools are not equipped to handle it. "

Sari Glazebrook
North Suburban Special Education District

"This is an invaluable resource for teachers and administrators who are serving students who experience chronic stress and trauma. Each chapter provides real-world examples, resources, and strategies that can be implemented immediately in order to mitigate the impact of chronic stress for both teachers and students."

Jennifer Craft
Montgomery County Public Schools

"I recommend  Teaching, Learning, and Trauma for professional development for schools or systems that have not provided training on this topic or in the area of equity."

Farhana N. Shah
Montgomery County Public Schools

"Teaching, Learning, and Trauma is well-written, with strong examples and clear expertise of the subject matter from the authors. This books aims to sincerely help educators."

Steve Reifman
Santa Monica-Malibu USD

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