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Teaching Primary English

Teaching Primary English

February 2012 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drawing from the latest research, Teaching Primary English encourages education students to develop a deeper understanding of the essential issues involved in teaching English in order to approach a career in the elementary classroom with the confidence and knowledge required to succeed. Jackie Brien strikes an engaging balance between the practical requirements of English teaching and encouraging informed reflection on key aspects of literacy.


What Teachers of Literacy Know and Do
Speaking and Listening
Reading for Understanding
Teaching Phonics for Reading and Writing
Learning and Teaching Writing: The Knowledge and Processes of Composing Text
Accuracy and Presentation: The Secretarial Aspects of Writing
Inclusive Learning and Teaching of English
Information and Communication Technologies in the Teaching of English
English and Literacy beyond the Classroom
Planning to Ensure Progress in English
Assessment and Targeting in English

'Jackie Brien obviously understands students' needs and their course requirements. I have no doubt that, for the near future at least, this will become their reference book of choice because it is easy to use and in relatively few pages, they are introduced to the main features of good English and literacy teaching and perhaps more importantly, they are encouraged to think deeply about it'
-Barbara Conridge,

NATE Primary Committee, English Drama Media

'This book provides real breadth and depth in the essential areas of subject knowledge for ITE students. Within this detailed and comprehensive coverage Jackie Brien also gives access to some of the most important background debates and related educational arguments, to help students make sense of current approaches and initiatives in literacy teaching. Theoretical positions are brought to life with examples of classroom data; and the importance of beginner teachers developing professional confidence based on significant understanding of literacy learning and teaching is emphasised throughout.

The book has an excellent structure with short, taster sections of expert reflection from recognised authorities, encouraging students to read on and investigate further. In addition each chapter has a range of clearly signalled prompts inviting hands-on activity, discussion and reflection. This is a great book for guiding the developing literacy knowledge of ITE students and NQTs'
- Julie Bowtell, University of Hertfordshire

This engaging book will appeal to student teachers seeking to update their subject knowledge and reflect upon their practice. The structure of chapters enables the reader to dip into text to find items of interest, the Expert Reflection boxes adds an interesting dimension too. The chapter titles reflect the zeitgeist in primary English and readers will find those on phonics, assessment and inclusion particularly helpful. This book will set a marker for those of us who produce similar texts.
-David Waugh, Director of Primary Programmes, Durham University

This book is fast becoming the foundation of our students' journey towards becoming effective teachers of English.

Ms Ann Geeves
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
February 26, 2015

Essential reading for all primary teaching students.

Mrs Alison Silby
School of Sport and Education, Brunel University
July 20, 2013

This book will appeal to student teachers as it is a good balance of theory, expert reflection and personal reflection.

Jill Dunn
Education , Stranmillis University College
May 15, 2013

This is an outstanding book. It covers key areas of the subject with clarity, balance and humour. It is very easy to read but at the same time it does not attempt to oversimplify complex aspects of English. I would recommend it to any student wanting to buy just one book on this subject.

Ms Kate Allott
Initial Teacher Education, York St John University College
April 11, 2013

A very readable text which includes practical strategies as well as underpinning ideas. Thoughtful and useful for the PGCE trainees.

Mrs Helen Hendry
Education , Bishop Grosseteste College
March 21, 2013

Really comprehensive guide to key topics in Primary English.

Michelle Lowe
Institute for Education Policy Research (Stoke), Staffordshire University
July 25, 2012

This book provides a good overview of the key areas ITE students need to learn about, experience and reflect on. It is not adopted as a key text, but students are directed towards it as useful.

Mrs Deborah Nicholson
Department of Primary Education, Bath Spa University
June 22, 2012

Has been included in the reading list for this year's PGCE students as a volume which would be useful to read prior to commencing the course in September 2012. Gives an overview of the requirements, very useful.

Mrs Nesta Wynne Elliott
School of Education, Bangor University
May 31, 2012

A useful text that we will recommend to both UG and PG students.

Carole Bignell
School of Teacher Education (Bognor Regis), Chichester University
May 28, 2012

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