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Teaching Social Science in Schools

Teaching Social Science in Schools
NCERT's New Textbook Initiative

February 2009 | 112 pages | SAGE India
 The NCERT has been publishing a new generation of social science textbooks since 2005. Teaching Social Science in Schools is a manual that explains the rationale for the new approach and illustrates how the new textbooks can be used effectively. It provides answers to many questions such as:

- What problems are teachers likely to face while teaching with the help of the new textbooks?
- Why not provide straight and direct definitions for children to learn?
- Have such textbooks been used elsewhere in the country?
- What roles are parents expected to play?

Alex M George and Amman Madan come up with jargon-free replies in a friendly, ‘frequently-asked-questions’ format. They take us through the challenges of textbook preparation and offer guidelines for interactive classroom sessions.

This book is a must-have not only for school and college libraries, but would also well adorn the bookshelves of teachers, trainee teachers, parents, students, educationists, designers of school curricula, or any reader interested in the way young people are taught social science in India.

List of Extracts from School Textbooks

The book is likely to be a useful resource for those who wish to engage teachers with issues and concerns of Social Science teaching and learning. It fills a major gap in the provision of simply written subject-specific reading materials for school teachers. Organisations such as the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) and Nongovernment organisations (NGOs) that provide in-service and onsite support to teachers as well as schools which look for meaningful engagement for the professional development of teachers will find this book of value.

Contemporary Education Dialogue

This book clarifies questions raised by teachers, parents, students and educationists about NCERT’s new textbooks. In a simple, friendly manner, the book puts to rest fears and worries.

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ISBN: 9788178299044