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Teaching Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms Interactive eBook Student Version

Teaching Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms Interactive eBook Student Version

January 2016 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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This dynamic Interactive eBook version of the Diane P. Bryant, Brian R. Bryant, & Deborah D. Smith text, Teaching Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms goes way beyond highlighting and note-taking! Read your mobile-friendly eBook anywhere, anytime with easy access across desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. Using the VitalSource Bookshelf® platform, download your book to a personal computer and read it offline, share notes and highlights with instructors and classmates who are using the same eBook, and “follow” friends and instructors as they make their own notes and highlights.

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It has everything a general education teacher needs to know about special education in one spot! I'm excited to be using it this next semester and the many resources available. I have already built many lesson plans around the resources for this text!

Dr. Jill Choate, Assistant Professor of Teacher Eduction
Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorad
Key features


  • An evidence-based approach expands a teacher’s knowledge of proven practices used in the context of real classrooms to increase student performance. 
  • The ADAPT Framework  (Ask, Determine, Analyze, Propose, and Test) improves instructional decision-making by providing teachers with a research-validated problem solving approach for recalling the steps in adapting instruction and behavioral interventions to promote access to the general education curriculum.
  • A Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework for teaching and learning includes proactive planning of curricula (goals, assessments, methods, and materials) that can be beneficial for all students.
  • Opening Challenge case studies encourage teachers to critically analyze specific teaching challenges at the elementary and secondary level and give readers an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge of the subject matter with Reflection Questions.
  • ADAPT in Action sections apply the ADAPT Framework to case studies to illustrate step-by step instructions to problem solve real teaching and learning classroom scenarios.
  • Working Together features offer practical advice on how an idea or concept can be taught using a collaborative approach that involves other school professionals and family members.
  • Instructional Strategies offer teachers key research-based, classroom activities for teaching the skills students need to succeed.
  • Considering Diversity features examine various issues from a cultural or linguistic perspective and demonstrate how to create a classroom environment and instruction that is inclusive of all students.
  • Tech Notes introduce teachers to assistive and instructional technologies that can be employed with students who have learning or behavior problems.
  • Video Cases based on actual classroom video footage illustrate to teachers how to implement the strategies discussed into their own classrooms.  
  • dual General Education and Special Education blended training programs

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