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Team Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse

Team Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse
The Uneasy Alliance

September 1994 | 166 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"This well-written book covers both practical aspects of investigation and the theoretical underpinnings. Starting with ideas for team building, the volume offers concrete guidance about the most effective structures available to teams. . . . This volume will be of interest to those wishing to start a team and also to existing team members who want assistance with optimizing team development." --Virginia Child Protection Newsletter "Highly recommended." --Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin Book Club As child abuse investigation and intervention evolved throughout the past decade, it has become clear that no single discipline or agency can meet the needs of abused children and their families. This practical, timely, and accessibly written book focuses on how to develop, operate, and maintain effective investigative teams. It examines how law enforcement officers, child protection workers, prosecutors, medical professionals, and mental health clinicians can form coordinated investigative teams for fact finding, child protection, and criminal prosecution. The authors devote a series of chapters to investigative interviewing, investigative protocol, preparing for the child interview, the child interview process, corroborating interviews, and interviewing the suspect. Other chapters include discussion on building teams, and the roles and responsibilities of the team members (child protective services, law enforcement, prosecutors, mental health representative, and child welfare agency counsel). The book concludes with two important chapters on the team decision-making process and decision making in complex environments. A must read for all professionals and those in training who are, or will be, involved in child sexual abuse investigations.

The Team Investigation of Child Sexual Abuse

Building Teams
Roles and Responsibilities
Investigative Protocols
Preparing for the Child Interview
The Child Interview Process
Corroborating Interviews
Other Investigative Considerations
Interviewing the Suspect
The Team Decision-Making Process

Decision-Making in Complex Environments

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