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The A-Z of Social Research

The A-Z of Social Research
A Dictionary of Key Social Science Research Concepts

First Edition
Edited by:

April 2003 | 346 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

`A detailed and valuable addition to the literature that will be a very useful resource for lecturers, as well as having a wide appeal among students' - Tim May, University of Salford

Have you ever wondered what a concise, comprehensive book providing critical guidance to the whole expanse of social science research methods and issues might look like? The A-Z is a collection of 94 entries ranging from qualitative research techniques to statistical testing and the practicalities of using the Internet as a research tool. Alphabetically arranged in accessible, reader-friendly formats, the shortest entries are 800 words long and the longest are 3000. Most entries are approximately 1500 words in length and are supported by suggestions for further reading. The book:

- Answers the demand for a practical, fast and concise introduction to the key concepts and methods in social research

- Supplies students with impeccable information that can be used in essays, exams and research projects

- Demystifies a field that students often find daunting

This is a refreshing book on social research methods, which understands the pressures that modern students face in their work-load and seeks to supply an authoritative study guide to the field. It should fulfil a long-standing need in undergraduate research methods courses for an unpatronising, utterly reliable aid to making sense of research methods.

Abduction and Retroduction
Action Research
A Case Study

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Biographical Method
CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)
Case Study
Central Tendency
Child Research
Comparative Analysis
Computer Simulation of Social Processes
Constructionism, Social
Content Analysis
Contingency Tables
Conversation Analysis
Correlation and Regression
Critical Theory
Cultural Analysis
Data Archives
Diaries, Self-Completion
Discourse Analysis
Dispersion and the Normal Distribution
Documentary Sources
Ecological Fallacy
E-Mail as a Research Tool
Empiricism, Abstracted Empiricism
Exploratory Data Analysis
Factor Analysis
Feminist Epistemology
Feminist Methodology
Focus Groups
Gender Identity Dysphoria Assessment
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Grounded Theory
Hawthorne Effect
Historical Methods
Hypothesis Testing
Ideal Type
Impact Assessment
Intellectual Property Rights
Literature Searching
Loglinear Analysis
Longitudinal Research
Measurement, Level of
`Micro' Sampling Techniques
Multilevel Models
Narrative Approach
Observation, Overt and Covert
Online Methods
Participant Observation
Participatory Action Research
Philosophy of Social Research
Policy Research
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research Data, Archiving
Queer Research
Questionnaire and Structured Interview Schedule Design
Questionnaires and Structured Interview Schedules
Research Design
Sampling, Probability
Sampling, Quota
Sampling, Snowball
Assessing Hidden and Hard-to-Reach Populations

Secondary Analysis Qualitative
Secondary Data Analysis
Sensitive Research
Sex Surveys
Social Fact
Social Indicators
Social Statistics
Social Survey
Statistical Interaction
Systematic Review
Telephone Methods for Social Surveys
Unobtrusive Measures
Verbal Protocol Analysis
Visual Research Methods

`I think the book is likely to appeal to a wider audience than students, as medical colleagues and those less familiar with social research attempt to find out more about the terms and concepts they encounter' - Medical Sociology News

An innovative and engage approach to social research

Mrs Susan Ramsdale
Nursing , Univ. of Central Lancashire
September 20, 2014

I like this book. There are some interesting sections e.g. Grounded theory. However the layout is not easy yo navigate - topics are not necessarily where you would expect to find them.

Mrs Mary Huntley
health, university of northampton
April 7, 2014

This text provides concise definitions of terminology encountered by students undertaking research. The text would benefit from updating some of the suggestions for further reading.

Mr Don Hall
Faculty of Education (London), University of Cumbria
November 21, 2013

this book is not up to date in my opinion...needs a revised edition

Professor Stephen Dobson
insitute of education, Hedmark University College
May 14, 2013

A very useful reference point for students and novice researchers.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Central Univ of Tech, Free State
July 11, 2012

This is fantastic. If a student feels lost, confused, bemused this clear A-Z of social science research methods and issues will stop the terrified tremors of 'I just don't understand'. Practical and demystifying.

Ms Therese Lewis
Faculty of Health, Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
January 11, 2012

Terminology that ALL researchers need!

Mrs Maryke Mihai
Faculty of Education, University of Pretoria
September 2, 2011

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