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The Acrobatics of Change

The Acrobatics of Change
Concepts, Techniques, Strategies and Execution

Second Edition
  • Moid Siddiqui - Managing Director, Intellects Biz
  • R. H. Khwaja - Former Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, New Delhi

October 2014 | 290 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

'Change or Perish' or 'Change and Perish'?

‘Change or perish!’ is an oft-repeated catchphrase. But many companies have changed and perished. Managing change is a delicate exercise that must be handled with utmost care, patience and expertise. 

The Acrobatics of Change is a compelling treatise that shows that if change is managed without understanding the genetics of change and change dynamics, the chances are quite bright for, what is called, ‘changed and perished’.

In this revised second edition, all existing chapters have been updated thoroughly to include latest developments in the area. With the addition of two new chapters, this edition is sharper and more focused.


Foreword to the First Edition Jamshed J. Irani
Preface to the First Edition
Acknowledgements to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Section I: Change Dynamics
Scarecrow Does Not Scare Crows
Why Can’t You Step into the Same River Twice?
Change Management - A Trapeze Feat
If You Do Not Know Where You are Going Any Road Will Take You There!
A Boiled Frog Never Jumps Out of the Frying Pan
Section II: Change Techniques
Managing Creative Change - Five Actors
Generating Creative Ideas - Tips and Techniques
Walking the Tightrope - Change Stories
Injelititis - The Kiss of Death
Managing Transition - Hard Track and Soft Track
Change without Pain - Techniques and Processes
My Romance with Singareni—A Brief Historical Perspective
Reforms with a Human Touch—Management from the Heart
The Power of ‘Bonding’—Singarenism
The Magic of Communication
Learning from Adversities—The Test of True Leadership
The Lovebird—In the Green Pastures of Singareni
Pygmalion Singarenians—Some Profiles of Courage
The Journey Continues—Some Key Milestones Post 2006

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