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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political & Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political & Social Science
The Great Experiment: Realigning Criminal Justice in California and Beyond

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February 2016 | 308 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

For the first time in nearly 40 years imprisonment patterns in the United States are shifting. For example, overcrowding in California’s prisons has forced the state to reduce its prison population and enact a controversial new law called “Public Safety Realignment.” This law requires California to supervise many of its offenders at the county level, rather than the state level, unbeknownst to many in the general public.    

To hone in on the complexities of prison downsizing and decarceration it is important to examine the different facets that play a part in these processes. To do so, this volume of The ANNALS brings together an inter-disciplinary group of scholars who research prisons, mass incarceration, and related policies to examine the origins of the prison overcrowding crisis, the diffusion and translation of law and policy reform, the impact of prison downsizing on the criminal justice system, and the future of decarceration.

Joan Petersilia
Preface: Realigning Corrections, California Style
Charis Kubrin & Carroll Seron
Introduction: The Prospects and Perils of Ending Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
Origins of the Crisis
W. David Ball
“A False Idea of Economy”: Costs, Counties, and the Origins of California’s Correctional System
Michael Campbell
Are All Politics Local? A Case Study of Local Conditions in a Period of “Law and Order” Politics
Margo Schlanger
The Just-Barely-Sustainable California Prisoners’ Rights Ecosystem
The Diffusion and Translation of Law and Policy Reform
James Austin
Regulating California’s Prison Population: The Use of Sticks and Carrots
Anjuli Verma
A Turning Point in the Life Course of Mass Incarceration? Local Imprisonment Trajectories and Decarceration under California’s Realignment
Barry Krisberg
How Do You Eat An Elephant? Reducing Mass Incarceration in California One Small Bite at a Time
Heather Schoenfeld
A Research Agenda on Reform: Penal Policy and Politics across the States
Effects on the Criminal Justice System
Mia Bird & Ryken Grattet
Realignment and Recidivism
Magnus Lofstrom & Steven Raphael
Incarceration and Crime: Evidence from California’s Public Safety Realignment Reform
Wendy Still
Criminal Justice Realignment: A Giant Win in San Francisco
The Future of Decarceration
Katherine Beckett, Anna Reosti & Emily Knaphus
The End of an Era: Understanding the Contradictions of Criminal Justice Reform
Hadar Aviram
The Correctional Hunger Games: Understanding Realignment in the Context of the Great Recession
Jonathan Simon
The New Gaol: Seeing Incarceration like a City
Franklin E. Zimring
Concluding Comment:Measuring the Impact of Complex Penal Change – A Consumer’s Guide

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