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The Art of Access

The Art of Access
Strategies for Acquiring Public Records

Second Edition

July 2019 | 224 pages | CQ Press
1. Records that matter: Improve your community, career and life
Make the world better  
Advance your career  
Improve your personal life  
Develop a new way of thinking  
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2. Develop a document state of mind
Take charge  
Exercise your document muscles  
Find inspiration and support  
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3. Become an access law expert
Master the law in five steps  
Dip into alphabet laws  
Access public meetings  
Tap into legal resources  
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4. The hunt: Find records in the dark
Explore document habitats  
Find records in records  
Build on others’ successes  
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5. Strategies for effective requests
Get in the zone  
Get personal  
Write effective letters  
Cut denials off at the pass  
Apply hard tactics if necessary  
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6. How to overcome denials
Understand the nature of ‘no’  
Respond to common denials  
If the agency says...  
Play hardball  
Take them to court  
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7. Going digital: Strategies for getting data
Become familiar with data  
Get the database  
Counter cyber-denials  
Teach yourself database journalism  
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8. Understand how public officials think
Comprehend bureaucratic culture  
Identify agency constraints  
Help them help you  
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9. Putting it together: Writing, ethics and paying it forward
Create great record-based stories  
Do the right thing: FOI ethics  
Anticipate public reaction  
Write about FOI  
Become an FOI warrior  
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Appendix A. The Record Album
Appendix B. FOI resources

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