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The Business Student's Guide to Study and Employability

The Business Student's Guide to Study and Employability

First Edition
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December 2016 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written in response to the pressures on universities to produce highly skilled and work-ready graduates and intended to map across a three year business course,  this book contains the study and employability skills students need to succeed as a business student and graduate, from essential study, presentation and leadership skills to practical advice on getting that all-important job after university. Hands-on learning aids offer exercises for group work and self-study.

Readers can expect the book to:

  • Help them adapt to a new culture and environment by setting out what is expected and what they can expect at university
  • Help them bridge the gap between school and university by developing essential study skills such as critical thinking and time management
  • Help them develop transferable skills that are sought after by employers including presentation skills, leadership skills and commercial awareness
  • Give them practical advice on getting that all-important job after university with chapters on CV writing, job hunting, interviewing and networking, among others

The book is full of examples drawing on the author’s own personal experience with the final chapter offering words of advice from current graduates and employees working in lots of different sectors all over the world – including US, Europe, China and the UK.

The book is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers and students, including an instructor manual and PowerPoint slides, answers and guidance on skills assessment tasks, templates and examples to download as well as additional chapter content on topics such as plagarism and essay writing.

Suitable for all students taking a business degree.

Chapter 1: Studying at University
Chapter 2: Personal Development and Learning
Chapter 3: Time Management
Chapter 4: Critical Thinking
Chapter 5: Teaching Methods at University
Chapter 6: General Principles of Assessment at University
Chapter 7: Writing Assignments and Dissertations
Chapter 8: Examinations at University
Chapter 9: Presentation Skills
Chapter 10: Team-Working
Chapter 11: Leading Others
Chapter 12: Communicating Effectively
Chapter 13: Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness
Chapter 14: Problem Solving and Creativity
Chapter 15: Understanding Employee Selection
Chapter 16: CVs and Application Forms
Chapter 17: Selection Interviews
Chapter 18: Psychometric Tests and Assessment Centres
Chapter 19: Alternative Options after Graduation
Chapter 20: Conclusion: Skills and Employability


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Lecturer Resources

  • Instructor’s Manual
  • PowerPoint Slides

Student Resources

  • Interactive Self-Testing Activities
  • Group and Individual Tasks
  • Video Links
  • Further Reading Links
  • Downloadable Templates
  • Group and individual tasks

This book is suitable across Management, Computing and Business Administration degrees as the content meets other modules e.g. work based learning, CV's, interview procedures, critical thinking, PDP's - all sections will be utilized by the lecturers. This book will be stocked in our Library and included in the highly recommended Reading List for students to purchase.

Ms Carol Anne Farrance
Business Administration , Colchester Institute
November 18, 2016

The book has a wealth of information that is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is a road-map that guides students to develop skills within the employability ethos. The contents broadens the student’s horizons, on the key stages of the gateway from university to industry.
Furthermore, the book provides reflections points which enables students to gain a better understanding of expectations and to plan for future career prospects.
This is an excellent contribution for anyone who needs to understand the key aspects of employability.

Dr Denis Hyams-Ssekasi
Bolton Business School, Bolton University
October 25, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 12: Communicating Effectively

For instructors