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The Civic Culture Revisited

The Civic Culture Revisited

Edited by:
  • Gabriel A. Almond - Sociology, Stanford University, USA
  • Sidney Verba - Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

May 1989 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Presenting a major intellectual development in the history of the social sciences, Almond and Verba have updated their classical five-nation study of comparative politics. Looking back over twenty-five years since the study's conception, Almond and Verba address many important questions--brought out by top scholars of the field--as to the validity of the inferences drawn from their findings and the "soundness" of their study. In addition, they recognize the many substantial changes in political culture that have transpired in the five nations studied--England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and the United States--over the past two decades. The contributing authors to this book are among the best in the field of comparative politics, thus making this book consistent with the scholarly precedent set forth in the first volume. Together these two books are essential resources for professionals and advanced students in political science, international relations, comparative politics, and political sociology.

Garbiel A Almond
The Intellectual History of the Civic Culture Concept
Avend Lipphart
The Structure of Inference
Carole Pateman
The Civic Culture
A Philosophic Critique

Jerzy J Wiatr
The Civic Culture from a Marxist-Sociological Perspective
Dennis Kavanagh
Political Culture in Great Britain
The Decline of the Civic Culture

Alan I Abramowitz
The United States
Political Culture under Stress

David P Conradt
Changing German Political Culture
Giacomo Sani
The Political Culture of Italy
Continuity and Change

Ann I Craig and Wayne A Cornelius
Political Culture in Mexico
Continuities and Revisionist Interpretations

Sidney Verba
On Revisiting the Civic Culture
A Personal Postscript


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ISBN: 9780803935600