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The Commercialization of American Culture

The Commercialization of American Culture
New Advertising, Control and Democracy

November 1995 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Divided into eight elaborate and well-defined chapters that leave out almost nothing that's relevant, Mathew P. McAllister-who is associated with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute-takes a graphic look at the advertising and consumer scene in America. . . . A bible, quran, bhagwatgita rolled into one for all concerned about a habitable universe." --Suresh Kohli in The Hindustan Times "This critical analysis should toss around American thinking on the subject of advertising as much as Vance Packard's The Hidden Persuaders (1957) did. Matthew P. McAllister has written a classic, showing advertising's invasion of everything--classrooms, doctors' offices, sports arenas, concert halls, museums. . . . Systematically researched, organized, and documented, this book should be required reading for advertising and media students and for the general public."

The Changing Nature of Advertising and Control
Advertising's External and Internal Control
Social Implications

Place-Based Advertising
Control through Location

Controlling Viewer Behavior
Creating the Zapless Ad

Cross Promotion
Control through Cooperation

Control behind a Philanthropic Facade

Commercials, Control and the Computer Revolution

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ISBN: 9780803953802