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The Cultural Industries

The Cultural Industries

Third Edition

© 2013 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The first two editions of The Cultural Industries scrutinized the transformation in creativity and the cultural industries in a political, economic and cultural context. Now undisputedly a classic, this Third Edition offers essential updates to map the contemporary media landscape:
  • Provides an all-new online reading resource to springboard students into research
  • Broadens examples of media text to include social media, digital publishing, reality TV and talent shows
  • Traces the growth of the cultural industries in emerging markets in China, India, Asia and Africa
  • Analyzes the economic crisis and its impact on the cultural industries
  • Examines new cultural products and the influence on consumer electronics and IT companies, including Apple, Facebook and Google
David Hesmondhalgh offers a distinctive critical approach to cultural production that makes this book a must-read for students of media, communication and cultural studies and sociology.
Introduction: Change and Continuity, Power and Creativity
Theories of Culture, Theories of Cultural Production
Cultural Industries in the Twentieth Century: The Key Features
Why the Cultural Industries Began to Change in the 1980s
Marketization in Telecommunications and Broadcasting
Further Changes in Policy: Copyright and the Cult of Creativity
Ownership, Structure and Size
Creativity and Commerce, Organization and Labour
Internationalism: Neither Globalisation Nor Cultural Imperialism
Digitalisation and the Internet
The Impact of the Internet and Digitalisation on Existing Cultural Industries
Texts: Diversity, Quality and Social Justice
Conclusions: A New Era in Cultural Production?

Hesmondhalgh has done it again! The 3rd edition of The Cultural Industries is a tour-de-force. At once brilliant and accessible, it is without peer when it comes to detailing the big picture and complex nuances of how cultural industries work. Hesmondalgh's updated, incisive analysis of the current era is exceptional, as is his masterful exploration of the fundamental theories and practices of cultural production. Every student of the media should have this book on their shelf.
Jennifer Holt
Associate Professor, University of California

In The Cultural Industries, David Hesmondhalgh sets out to assess, evaluate and explain recent changes in the cultural industries - and this he does with energy, acuity and aplomb. This book is sometimes provocative, always insightful and refreshingly direct. No-one could study the culture industries without engaging with its vision and argumentation. And this third edition is even better than before.
Sonia Livingstone
LSE, author of 'Media Regulation'

Comprehensive and critical, authoritative and analytical, this is a wonderful book that will absorb, stimulate and educate students of media and cultural studies for years to come. This new edition contains updated material as well as the same fresh and incisive lines of enquiry that we need in order to make sense of the changes and continuities inside the cultural industries.
Des Freedman
Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College, University of London

From the very first edition, David Hesmondhalgh's Cultural Industries set the standard for a syncretic account that works across the terrains of cultural studies, media studies, and cultural policy studies. This new expanded and updated edition, distinguished by the particularly perceptive and critical integration of digital media into the account, is an exceptional achievement -- for its scale, for its comprehensiveness, and for the level-headed intelligence that is the hallmark of Hesmondhalgh's writing.
Professor Graeme Turner
Director of the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, The University of Queensland

This must-read text makes one realize how studying the people, organizations, and social policies that drive cultural industries can be important, fascinating - even exciting - especially in our profoundly changing media world.
Joseph Turow
Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania

It's a book that covers pretty much everything, which is great. It could serve as a textbook for a course in "cultural industries". However, it being comprehensive also means being quite long to read, so will be difficult to combine with many other readings if it becomes obligatory for students, especially for a course that is more general and not only specifically on cultural industries as such. Or else, I definitely recommend the book to students who are in any way involved in studying culture nowadays.

Ms Nune Nikoghosyan
Department of Sociology, University of Geneva
July 18, 2016

We are working with the book "The Cultural Industries" by David Hesmondhalgh in our course using film in intercultural training for two years now and are very satisfied. Our students just love the practical examples Hesmondhalgh gives, as they provide a wonderful to the rather dry and theoretical German texts we read in class.

Mr Erik Malchow
Culture and Media, Institut für kulturellen und wissenschaftlichen Austausch
November 11, 2014

This text has been adopted as the core text for this module which focuses on understanding media industries. It is a clear and comprehensive text for level 2 students, written in an engaging style which encourages reading

Ms Kathy Walker
School of Social Sciences, University of East London
September 30, 2014

An in-depth account of the complex world of the cultural industries. I will be recommending that the students in my Visual Cultural Studies (Level 3) course read this to supplement their studies.

Dr Nichola Dobson
School Of Design, Edinburgh College of Art
August 12, 2014

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