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The Discursive Mind

The Discursive Mind

March 1994 | 196 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"I was delighted that the shortcomings of a causal approach to psychology were so eloquently argued. The authors are adamant that psychological properties (thoughts, feelings, beliefs) are not straightforwardly causal and, although language is socially acquired, our personal applications of meanings are not socially determined." --Self and Society "This fascinating book is an attempt to articulate the principal doctrines of a 'new paradigm' for psychological inquiry, a paradigm focusing on discourse and discourse analysis. . . . [Chapter] titles can only hint at the novelty of the approach and the richness and depth of the discussions. . . . Upper-division undergraduate through faculty." --Choice "Harré has launched a fertile field of inquiry, one that will receive substantial attention and acclaim from scholars of several disciplines over the next few years." --Clyde Hendrick, Dean, Texas Tech University "This is a bold effort. It aims at no less than a new paradigm for human psychology (a 'second cognitive revolution'). For a work so ambitious, The Discursive Mind is written in a style that is both clear and succinct. Rom Harré and Grant Gillett have a remarkable ability to get to the heart of an issue with a minimum of distraction." --James R. Averill, University of Massachusetts at Amherst "This book provides the best introduction to 'New Paradigm' psychology. The authors present a masterful outline of the philosophical roots and scientific applications of the emerging field of discursive psychology." --Kurt Danziger, York University "I am impressed with the book's unusual sweep, erudition, and breadth of scope tying as it does strands from diverse philosophical traditions to the history of contemporary psychology across a wide range of topics. It represents a useful statement of the discursive position and its implications for different psychological issues." --Arie W. Kruglanski, University of Maryland The Discursive Mind presents an exhilarating tour of the key philosophical revolutions that are shaping contemporary psychology. Harré and Gillett herald a new paradigm in psychology, dissolving the Cartesian distinction between mind and body in favor of the discursive turn in psychological theory. This grand, interdisciplinary overview places its emphasis on discourse: the discursive origins of the self, the problem of agency, and a thoroughly social understanding of personality. In the process, the authors elevate the emotions to a far more significant place in our understanding of mind, action, and being. The Discursive Mind is an elegant and lucidly argued book, whose theoretical breadth is matched by its treatment of a remarkable range of subjects including consciousness, the brain, perception, thought, personality, and the emotions. Scholars, professionals, and students in psychology, communication, and sociology will find this volume provocative, insightful, delightful to read, and intellectually challenging.

A Clash of Paradigms
The Second Cognitive Revolution
Cognitive Psychology of the First Kind
Cognitive Modelling
Discourse and the Brain
The Discursive Origins of the Sense of Self
Agency and Personality
Emotion Words and Emotional Acts
Perception and Consciousness

Great text that conclusively argues for a paradigm shift in psychology!

global, Institution of Transpersonal Psychology
March 27, 2010

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