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The Drug Legalization Debate

The Drug Legalization Debate

First Edition
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Drugs & Crime

September 1999 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Retaining the focus and spirit of the widely adopted and acclaimed first edition, The Drug Legalization Debate, Second Edition, offers several alternatives and addresses the major issues involved in the continuing drug legalization debate. This volume delves into the history of drug use and abuse in America and the federal government's approach to drug control—including deterrence, treatment, education, and prevention. Chapters confront topics such as the decriminalization of marijuana, the risk of the war on drugs, an enlightened legalization policy, and discussion of the ethical and legal dilemmas at stake. Updates of retained chapters and new chapters deal with drug use trends of the '90s, including the use of cannabis as a wonder drug and a look at whether legalizing drugs would really reduce violent crime. In addition, the second edition features a substantive introduction and closes with Paul Stares' acclaimed piece titled "Drug Legalization: Time for a Real Debate." Students and professionals in substance abuse, criminology, sociology, psychology, and social work will find this book essential reading.

James A Inciardi
American Drug Policy
The Continuing Debate

Duane C McBride, Yvonne M Terry and James A Inciardi
Alternative Perspectives on the Drug Policy Debate
James A Inciardi
Legalizing Drugs
Would It Really Reduce Violent Crime?

Michael L Dennis and William White
The Marijuana Legalization Debate
Is There a Middle Ground?

Lester Grinspoon
Cannabis, The Wonder Drug
Erich Goode
Thinking About the Drug Policy Debate
Steven Jonas
Why the Drug War Will Never End
Karst K Besteman
War Is Still Not the Answer
Ethan A Nadelmann
Commonsense Drug Policy

A very good read that provides stimulating debates relating to drug policy and practice. Provides an interesting U.S perspective that allows comparisons to be made with UK and European policy.

Mr Lee Curran
Criminal Justice (STEM), St Helens College
December 8, 2011

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