The Dynamics of Social Practice

The Dynamics of Social Practice
Everyday Life and how it Changes

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Everyday life is defined and characterized by the rise, transformation and fall of social practices. Using terminology that is both accessible and sophisticated, this book guides the reader through a multi-level analysis of this dynamic. The book provides discussion of real world examples such as the history of car driving and the emergence of frozen food, bringing abstract concepts to life and grounding them in empirical case-studies and new research. Demonstrating the relevance of social theory for public policy problems, the authors show that the everyday is the basis of social transformation.
The Dynamics of Social Practice
Introducing Theories of Practice  
Materials and Resources  
Sequence and Structure  
Making and Breaking Links
Material, Competence and Meaning  
Car-Driving: Elements and Linkages  
Making Links  
Breaking Links  
Elements Between Practices  
Standardization and Diversity  
Individual and Collective Careers  
The Life of Elements
Modes of Circulation  
Transportation and Access: Material  
Abstraction, Reversal and Migration: Competence  
Association and Classification: Meaning  
Packing and Unpacking  
Emergence, Disappearance and Persistence  
Recruitment, Defection and Reproduction
First Encounters: Networks and Communities  
Capture and Commitment: Careers and Carriers  
Collapse and Transformation: The Dynamics of Defection  
Daily Paths, Life Paths and Dominant Projects  
Connections Between Practices
Bundles and Complexes  
Collaboration and Competition  
Selection and Integration  
Coordinating Daily Life  
Circuits of Reproduction
Monitoring Practices-as-Performances  
Monitoring Practices-as-Entities  
Cross-Referencing Practices-as-Performances  
Cross-Referencing Practices-as-Entities  
Elements of Coordination  
Intersecting Circuits  
Representing the Dynamics of Social Practice
Representing Elements and Practices  
Characterizing Circulation  
Competition, Transformation and Convergence  
Reproducing Elements, Practices and Relations between Them  
Time and Practice  
Space and Practice  
Dominant Projects and Power  
Promoting Transitions in Practice
Climate Change and Behaviour Change  
Basis of Action  
Processes of Change  
Positioning Policy  
Transferable Lessons  
Practice Theory and Climate Change Policy  
Configuring Elements of Practice  
Configuring Relations between Practices  
Configuring Careers: Carriers and Practices  
Configuring Connections  
Practice Oriented Policy Making  

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