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The Elections of 2012

The Elections of 2012
Outcomes and Analysis

December 2012 | 56 pages | CQ Press
Get beyond horserace coverage and help your students really unpack the results of the 2012. With veteran journalist and political analyst Chuck McCutcheon's illuminating supplement, your students will benefit from the broader context and spot-on analysis he provides of: 
  • The presidential election results and what they mean—both historically and for the next four years;
  • Key races at the House, Senate, and gubernatorial levels;
  • The campaign—what strategies worked and how were they different from previous contests; and
  • The impact of policy issues on voters' decisions—from the Supreme Court's decision on Obama's healthcare law to debates over jobs creation, tax policy and the deficit.

The Elections of 2012 is a must-have addition for your intro American government course, providing timely analysis and a thoughtful look at post-election issues and their impact on the political system.

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The 2012 Elections Broke the Rules of Politics
How the Presidential Race Unfolded
House, Senate, and Governors’ Races
Lessons Learned from the 2012 Elections

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