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The Family in India

The Family in India
Structure and Practice

Edited by:
  • Tulsi Patel - Department of Sociology, University of Delhi, India

© 2005 | 310 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This timely book examines, in detail, the meaning of family in India. Inextricably linked to the institution of family are issues such as gender and sexual divisions, the role of the state, changing demographic patterns and a growing elderly population.

The first part of the book looks at the nature of the family as an institution. Part Two discusses the question of the myth or reality of the disintegration of the joint family. Finally, the last section includes case studies of structures of families in different parts of India.

Section I-The Family: Nature and Scope
Section II-The Myth of the Indian Joint Family: Empirical Analysis
Section III-The Demystifying Case Studies

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ISBN: 9780761933885