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The Field Journal for Cultural Anthropology

The Field Journal for Cultural Anthropology

January 2019 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Individual Activity: Who are you, anthropologically?  
Classroom Activity: Who are you, anthropologically?  
Exercise 1: Cultural Relativism and Ethnocentrism
Class: What would an Anthropologist do?  
Individual: You Are What You Eat  
Exercise 2: Ethics and Ethnography
Class: Studying Students  
Individual: Risky Research  
Exercise 3: Culture
Class: A Taste of Culture  
Individual: Where are you from?  
Exercise 4: Language
Class: How Can You Say That?  
Individual: Say What You Mean  
Exercise 5: Environment
Class: Finding Our Food  
Individual: It's a Farmer's Life for Me  
Exercise 6: Economics
Class: When Jobs Are on the Move  
Individual: It's the Thought that Counts  
Exercise 7: Kinship
Class: Families Are Complicated  
Individual: Choosing to be Family  
Exercise 8: Marriage
Class: Picking A Partner  
Individual: What's the Rush?  
Exercise 9: Gender
Class: A Rainbow of Possibilities  
Individual: A Very Personal Interview  
Exercise 10: Politics
Class: Find One, Find All  
Individual: Choose Your Own Utopia  
Exercise 11: Stratification
Class: Money Can't Buy You Class, Or Can It?  
Individual: What if?  
Exercise 12: Religion
Class: My Lucky Sock!  
Individual: You Gotta Have Faith  
Exercise 13: Art
Class: The Art of the Rivalry  
Individual: Make Your Mark  
Exercise 14: Power
Class: Discover Colonialism  
Individual: Imagine the Outcome  
Exercise 15: Culture Change
Class: Who Are You Wearing?  
Individual: What Matters Most?  
Summary Exercise: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

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