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The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception

The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception

January 1998 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Using a linguistic point of view, The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception is a practical explanation of how confessions work, written by the "father of forensic linguistics", Roger W. Shuy. Using his 1993 benchmark work, Language Crimes as his model, Shuy examines criminal confessions, the interrogations that elicit them, and the deceptive language that plays a role in the confession event. He presents transcripts from numerous interrogations and analyzes how language is used, how constitutional rights are not protected, consistency and truthfulness, suggestibility, written confessions, as well as unvalidated confessions. He concludes the volume with explicit advice on how to conduct interrogations that will yield credible evidence.

A landmark volume with cross-disciplinary applications, The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception is useful for professionals and academics in linguistics, forensic linguistics, criminal justice, communication, and interpersonal violence.

"An extremely valuable resource by one of the experts in this field." 

A.J. Kramer
Federal Public Defender, Washigton D.C.

This book is highly recommended. A clear and concise introduction to a very complex area of Forensic Psychology. The book introduces concepts clearly and comprehensively.
Very good book.

Dr David Keatley
Department of Psychology, Lincoln University
August 26, 2015

A well written practical explanation of how confessions work.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
October 25, 2011

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