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The Mistreatment of Elderly People

The Mistreatment of Elderly People

Second Edition
Edited by:

August 1997 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This completely revised, updated, and extended edition presents a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of research and theoretical explanations of elder abuse, as well as practical guidance for professionals concerned with the abuse and mistreatment of elderly people. The Mistreatment of Elderly People, Second Edition includes updated chapters on the themes covered in the first edition, including the clinical implications of abuse; sociological perspectives on elder abuse; issues for social workers, nurses, clinicians, and general practitioners; the legal implications of abuse and neglect; and models for the prevention of abuse. In addition, new research findings have been included and further topics have emerged as requiring attention. This new edition evaluates implications of the NHS and Community Care Act and the application of care management systems in cases of elder abuse, and offers suggestions for good practice for interagency working. It also addresses questions of social policy, family and kinship networks, gender, and the public response to the plight of vulnerable elderly people. The book looks at abuse in both domestic and residential settings and includes case examples of sexual, as well as physical and psychological abuse and the different forms of neglect. It outlines the use of existing assessment and screening tools and considers what can be learned from child protection procedures. The first edition of The Mistreatment of Elderly People, quickly established itself as a classic text on elder abuse, and has already been translated into Japanese. This second edition, both updated and enlarged, will be an invaluable resource for professionals working with elderly people.

Peter Decalmer and Frank Glendenning
Frank Glendenning
Attitudes to Older People
Frank Glendenning
What Is Elder Abuse and Neglect?
Peter Decalmer
Clinical Presentation and Management
Simon Biggs
Social Policy as Elder Abuse
Aled Griffiths, Gwyneth Roberts and John Williams
Elder Abuse and the Law
Chris Phillipson
Abuse of Older People
Sociological Perspectives

Teri Whittaker
Rethinking Elder Abuse
Towards an Age and Gender Integrated Theory of Elder Abuse

Alison Marriott
The Psychology of Elder Abuse and Neglect
Maggie Pearson and Sarah Richardson
Insidious Abuse? Who Is Responsible for Societal Neglect?
Frank Glendenning
The Mistreatment and Neglect of Elderly People in Residential Centres
Research Outcomes

Jill Manthorpe
Developing Social Work Practice in Protection and Assistance
Michael Davies
Key Issues for Nursing
The Need To Challenge Practice

John F Noone and Peter Decalmer
The General Practitioner and Elder Abuse
Michael Nolan
Sustaining Meaning
A Key Concept in Understanding Elder Abuse

Jeremy Ambache
Vulnerability and Public Responses
Frank Glendenning and Peter Decalmer
Looking to the Future

`The edited collection by Decalmer and Glendenning is a revised and expanded version of their previous successful collection of readings. It includes a number of perspectives and different disciplines. It is therefore a welcome addition to the literature as it provides a much needed overview of the major research, theoretical and professional perspectives on the topic....The Decalmer and Glendenning text is useful in increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding about elder abuse and neglect and should, as the first edition did, attract a wide readership' - Ageing and Society

`This welcome second edition has been expanded by eight chapters, balancing , as the editors state, theory and good practice....Many of the contributers are well known in the field; newer names bring new perspectives and will hopefully continue their interest in this increasingly complex and expanding knowledge base. The editors have co-ordinated a fairly balanced read. The book consolidates its position as one of the standard reference texts on the subject and also includes many unique, well-written sections on ineteresting facets of abuse of older people' - Age and Ageing

A useful introduction to the subject, reveals the wide extent of abuse and considers where the responsibilities for this lie - thought-provoking material.

Mr Ian Johnson
Department of Law, Liverpool Hope University
November 28, 2019

This book is going to be used as a recommened reading for both counsellling students and for those studying on the dementai care course. It outlines abuse of the elderly and how it is investigated, there is a vast ammount of up to the minute data and will be useful for students carrying out research projects in the area of care homes and abuse.

Miss Sam Ford
Health and Social Care, South Essex College
July 9, 2013

A thoughtful approach to the often unkind care of the elderly

Ms Julie Burton
Psychology , Lincoln University
November 2, 2009

Sage College Publishing

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