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The NCTJ Essential Guide to Careers in Journalism

The NCTJ Essential Guide to Careers in Journalism

August 2007 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Journalism is one of the most attractive careers, and one of the most competitive. Each year, many thousands of people try to make it as a journalist – and many fail.

Just getting in a good journalism course can be tough, and finding your first job can be even tougher. This book shows you how to succeed.

The National Council for the Training of Journalists knows more than anyone about how to get the qualifications you need, and find the job that is right for you. The NCTJ Guide to Careers in Journalism is your essential guide.

Author Andy Bull tells you all you need to know about becoming a journalist on a newspaper or magazine, on radio and television, or online. In this handy reference he examines what journalism is all about; how to pick the branch of the trade that is right for you; how to choose an NCTJ-accredited training course that will suit you and your individual goals; and how to ensure your career develops along the right tracks.

The book contains:
  • Full details of over 60 highly-respected, NCTJ-accredited courses which give you exactly the qualifications you need
  • Comprehensive outlines of what it will be like as a trainee journalist on newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or a website
  • Day-in-the-life accounts from a wide range of young journalists
  • Advice, quotes, comments, and warnings from over 100 working journalists
  • A huge listing of potential sources of work experience, traineeships, and jobs

Introduction - The New Journalist
Section One - The media
TV and radio
News, sport and picture agencies
Section Two - Career paths
Career Path 1: Newspaper or magazine reporting
Career path 2: Newspaper or magazine production
Career path 3: Features on newspapers and in magazines
Career path 4: TV and Radio reporting
Career path 5: TV and Radio production
Career path 6: Online writing and production
Career path 7: News agencies
Career path 8: Sport
Career path 9: Photographers
Career path 10: Freelancing
Cross-media careers paths
Career paths 11: Cross media career paths - Reporting
Career paths 12: Cross-media career paths - Production
Career path 13: Cross-media career paths - Editing
Career paths 14: Wild-card career paths
Section 3 - NCTJ-Accredited Journalism courses
Section 4 - database of employers
Useful sources of information

Sample Materials & Chapters


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