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The New African American Urban History

The New African American Urban History

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May 1996 | 389 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In recent decades, an exciting new scholarship has emerged that is changing the way African American urban history is perceived. While earlier studies often portrayed African Americans as passive and powerless or as victims of white racism and slum pathologies, The New African American Urban History emphasizes the "new" scholarship that conveys a sense of active involvement. It supports the view of African Americans as people empowered, engaged in struggle, living their lives with dignity, and shaping their own futures. In this perceptive volume, contributors examine the great modern migrations of African Americans to the city, the creation and expansion of black communities, and black life and culture--with special emphasis on working-class culture. This collecton of essays, written by prominent scholars, comes together in perfect harmony with a common thematic approach and interpretive analysis, which has shaped new writing in the field for the past decade. Both groundbreaking and inspiring, The New African American Urban History will prove to be an invaluable resource for students and professionals in urban and ethnic studies.

Kenneth W Goings and Raymond A Mohl
Toward a New African American Urban History
Shane White
`It Was a Proud Day'
African Americans, Festivals, and Parades in the North, 1741-1834

Elsa Barkley Brown and Gregg D Kimball
Mapping the Terrain of Black Richmond
Earl Lewis
Connecting Memory, Self, and the Power of Place in African American Urban History
Kenneth W Goings and Gerald L Smith
`Unhidden' Transcripts
Memphis and African American Agency, 1862-1920

Tera W Hunter
Domination and Resistance
The Politics of Wage Household Labor in New South Atlanta

Robin D G Kelley
`We Are Not What We Seem'
Rethinking Working Class Opposition in the Jim Crow South

Darlene Clark Hine
Black Migration to the Urban Midwest
The Gender Dimension, 1915-1945

Raymond A Mohl
Making the Second Ghetto in Metropolitan Miami, 1940-1960
Joe W Trotter
African Americans in the City
The Industrial Era, 1900-1950

Kenneth L Kusmer
African Americans in the City Since World War II
From the Industrial to the Postindustrial Era


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ISBN: 9780761903093