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The New Politics of Abortion

The New Politics of Abortion

Edited by:

Volume: 11

November 1986 | 186 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Abortion continues to challenge established political alignments; the virulent, divisive arguments it causes will continue to affect political agendas. This unique collection examines in-depth the interplay of abortion politics with various political, cultural, and institutional arrangements. These original essays are exceptional in their study of the impact the abortion issue has had on a wide variety of liberal democratic political systems. Writers examine policy in eight countries (including the United States), then reveal and analyze the similarities and often vast differences between methods of dealing with abortion. This study's combination of methodological variety and precise focus make it a fundamental, indispensable guide to understanding the complexities of abortion politics.

Joni Lovenduski and Joyce Outshoorn
The New Politics of Abortion

Joyce Outshoorn
The Rules of the Game
Abortion Politics in the Netherlands

Alvin Cohan
Abortion as a Marginal Issue
The Use of Peripheral Mechanisms in Britain and the United States

Joni Lovenduski
Parliament, Pressure Groups, Networks and the Women's Movement
The Politics of Abortion Law Reform in Britain (1967-83)

Vicky Randall
The Politics of Abortion in Ireland
Janine Mossuz-Lavau
Abortion Policy in France under Governments of the Right and Left (1973-84)
Lesley Caldwell
Feminism and Abortion Politics in Italy
Bereng>ere Marques-Pereira
Abortion in Belgium
Consensus and Conflict on the Political and Institutional Scene

Jorun Wiik
The Abortion Issue, Political Cleavage and the Political Agenda in Norway
Evert Ketting and Philip van Praag
The Marginal Relevance of Legislation Relating to Induced Abortion

`Unlike many edited collections, the contributions build on each other, with introductory and closing chapters welding the book into a coherent and integrated whole...(it is ) an excellent collection of case studies.' -- The Times Higher Education Supplement, 13.4.87

`The high quality of all the essays and their successful integration of conceptual and historical or empirical analysis makes this book an admirable text for policy analysts and comparative political scientists as well as for those solely interested in abortion itself.' -- West European Politics

`a lucid and interesting analysis of the varying experiences of eight communities -- Political Studies, Vol 35 No4, Dec 1987

`essential reading for anyone interested in the abortion issue or in the impact of feminist struggle or pressure group politics.' -- Women's Studies Internaional Forum, Vol 10 No 6, Dec 1987

`an invaluable book for a student of politics interested in the way in which different interest groups impact on each other and on the legislature. It is also fascinating for the light it throws on the different tactics of pro- and anti-choice campaigners in different countries.' -- Journal of the National Abortion Campaign

`The book has a great deal to offer.' -- People, Vol 15 No 2, 1988

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ISBN: 9780803980075