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The Post-Bureaucratic Organization

The Post-Bureaucratic Organization
New Perspectives on Organizational Change

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June 1994 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"The book is well organized and well written. After reading the book, I am convinced that our organizations must change in the directions prescribed by the authors, if these organizations are to succeed in this postindustrial, global age." --Personnel Psychology What is wrong with bureaucracy? What does the post-bureaucratic organization offer in the way of improvement? These and other provocative questions are addressed in this well-integrated collection of articles by leading scholars in the field of organizational change. The far-reaching implications of the transformation of organizations from bureaucratic to post-bureaucratic are critically examined. This outstanding volume begins with a definition of the "ideal" post-bureaucratic organization. It then critiques some of the fundamental assumptions of bureaucratic organizations such as the ethic of individual merit, decision-making roles, and coordinated effort. The contributors analyze the change process from bureaucracy to post-bureaucracy and three alternative approaches to bureaucracy including the virtual organization, the team organization, and the quality organization. The Post-Bureaucratic Organization concludes with two case studies that illustrate both the strengths and weaknesses of post-bureaucratic organizations. Ideal for scholars of organizational behavior, sociology of organizations, organizational psychology, and for those who are interested in the latest developments in corporate reorganization.

Charles Heckscher and Lynda M Applegate
Charles Heckscher
Defining the Post-Bureaucratic Type
Anne Donnellon and Maureen Scully
Teams, Performance, and Rewards
Will the Post-Bureaucratic Organization Be a Post-Meritocratic Organization?

Benn R Konsynski and John J Sviokla
Cognitive Reapportionment
Rethinking the Location of Judgment in Managerial Decision Making

Nitin Nohria and James Berkley
The Virtual Organization
Bureaucracy, Technology, and the Implosion of Control

Charles Heckscher, Russell A Eisenstat, and Thomas J Rice
Transformational Processes
Janice A Klein
The Paradox of Quality Management
Commitment, Ownership, and Control

Frederick M Gordon
Can We Do Better? We Can Do Worse

David Krackhardt
Constraints on the Interactive Organization as an Ideal Type
Nitin Nohria and James D Berkley
Allen-Bradley's ICCG Case Study
A Commentary

Charles Heckscher
Lakeville Chemical Plant

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ISBN: 9780803957183