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The Power of Branding

The Power of Branding
Telling Your School's Story

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September 2014 | 72 pages | Corwin

Turn a spotlight on what’s great about your school!

Inform, engage, and support your school community with this step-by-step guide in the Connected Educators Series.  Begin exploring the benefits of branding and create an action plan for sharing the excellent things unfolding in your classroom, school, or district.  Includes concrete suggestions and in-depth case studies that will help you:

  • Artfully create a brand name, symbol or design
  • Share great events using blogs and more
  • Empower all stakeholders, including students
  • Teach digital citizenship K-12

Use this all-inclusive guide to start sharing just how special your school is!

The Corwin Connected Educators series is your key to unlocking the greatest resource available to all educators: other educators. Being a Connected Educator is more than a set of actions: it’s a belief in the potential of technology to fuel lifelong learning. To explore the other books in this series, visit the Corwin Connected Educators website.

Check out the Connected Educator Series matrix to find out which book is right for you.   

“Focusing on the positive things happening in schools gives leaders more drive and has a tremendous impact on school culture. This book is a powerful resource for leaders looking to promote the good in their schools.”
Todd Whitaker, Author of What Great Teachers Do Differently

“Tony and Joe not only recognize the significance of branding in education, but they provide an array of examples and strategies that will allow all educators to create a positive brand presence for their schools.”
Eric Sheninger, Author of Digital Leadership 

Preface by Peter DeWitt
1. The Importance of Telling Your Story
2. Your Heart = Your Story
3. Building Your Brand & Preparing to Tell Your Story
4. Using Social Media to Tell Your Story
5. Giving Voice to All Stakeholders in the Storytelling Experience
6. Does the Brand Promise Match the Brand Experience?
7. It's a Wrap


Key features

This book explores the idea of why branding schools is important, the benefits of branding a school, and gives leaders an action plan for branding. Branding is a way for leaders to make students’ learning visible to the entire education community in order to share best practices, celebrate achievements, and make sure that the education community is focused on the most important person: the student. This book will give leaders:

  • An understanding of why branding is so important to students’ success
  • Stories of how branding has brought positive impacts to schools
  • Tools to start telling your school story

 There is also the Connected Educators Series website where readers can connect with all of the authors of the series, find more resources, and find real support for putting branding into practice.

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Connected Educators Series Preface

Chapter 1

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