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The PR Agency Handbook

The PR Agency Handbook

April 2018 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The PR Agency Handbook is a practical and concise guide that introduces students to the real-world issues of working in a PR agency. Regina Luttrell and Luke Capizzo examines the day-to-day operations of a professional PR firm and gives students a hands-on introduction to the challenges and best practices of working in the industry. This book will include practical, strategic examples from the field as well as interviews with experts to help students bridge the critical gap between student and professional. Ideal for a capstone course in PR, this book could also be used as a second text for a PR Writing or a PR Campaigns course.
Part I: Agency Life
Chapter 1: Working in an Agency
Work Environment  
Agency Structure  
Agency Types: Niche Agency vs. Full Service  
Chapter 2: Working with Clients
Choosing a Client: The Right Fit  
Types of PR Expertise  
Clients Large and Small  
Client Types, Obstacles and Solutions  
Chapter 3: Starting off on the right foot
Setting Expectations  
Client Contacts and Reporting Relationships  
Billing for Services  
Key Takeaways  
Part II: Strategies & Tactics
Chapter 4: Managing Projects, Meetings, and Client Communication
Setting Expectations for Success  
Best Practices for Project Management  
Agency and Client Meetings: Before, During, and After  
Chapter 5: Corporate Communication: A Look at Crisis Communication and Media Relations
The Role of Corporate Communication and Agency Partners  
Chapter 6: Social Media: A Comprehensive Look at What Companies Need
Organizational Social Media for Clients  
Content creation and Curation  
Building the Right Relationships  
The Evolution of a Company’s Social Media Strategy  
Chapter 7: Marketing: Marketing in a Public Relations Agency
Two is Better than One  
The Ecosystem of Earned and Paid  
Chapter 8: Branding Basics
Creating a Company Brand  
Building, Managing, & Sustaining Brands  
Chapter 9: Internal Communication
What can agencies add to internal communication?  
Internal communication for external results  
Chapter 10: Creative Production
Basic Visual Design Principles  
Learning the Languages of Design  
Learning the Language of Print Production  
Learning the Language of Video Production  
Chapter 11: SEO, Content Marketing & Digital Marketing
Principles of Web Design  
Part III: The Business of Agency PR
Chapter 12: Client Service-The Counselor Role and Seeding Creativity
Challenges to Agency-Client Partnerships  
Providing Strategic Counsel  
The power of “Yes, and…”  
Chapter 13: Entrepreneurship & Business Development
What do you want to be?  
Developing Long-term Client Relationships  
Part IV –Putting it all together
Chapter 14: Public Relations Tools and Templates
PRSA IPA Proposal Template  
ROSTIR Strategic Planning Guide  
Strategy or Creative Brief  
Mini Case Study: Lincoln’s Watch  

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