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The Practice of Evaluation

The Practice of Evaluation
Partnership Approaches for Community Change

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October 2020 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Practice of Evaluation provides foundational content on evaluation concepts, approaches, and methods, as well as applied, practical elements, with an emphasis on the use of evaluation and partnership approaches to effect change. Each chapter includes at least one real example that illustrates the key ideas and concepts “in action”, related to the chapter topic, from organizational development or capacity building to program improvement or advocacy. Guided by editors Ryan P. Kilmer and James R. Cook, the authors focus on the application of varying designs or innovative methods and partnership strategies to maximize the rigor and utility of the work. The text covers important concepts in evaluation, illustrates evaluation in actual practice via real world examples, and provides readers with fruitful considerations regarding the challenges of this work and recommendations for action. Taken together, these chapters point to the utility and implications of partnership-oriented approaches to evaluation and, of particular salience, how evaluation can support change in efforts across settings and contexts.

Part I. Evaluative Research to Support Change: Guiding Notions and Principles
James R. Cook and Ryan P. Kilmer
Chapter 1 – Evaluative Research: Key Concepts and Applications in Facilitating Change
Ryan P. Kilmer and James R. Cook
Chapter 2 – Program evaluation: Promises and Pitfalls
Ryan P. Kilmer and James R. Cook
Chapter 3 – A Partnership Approach to Evaluation: Setting the Stage
Cindy Crusto, Osman Özturgut, Diane Purvin, Steven Hoffler, and Michael Awad
Chapter 4 – Cultural Sensitivity and Responsiveness in Evaluation Research
Michael Morris
Chapter 5 – Ethical Considerations
James R. Cook and Ryan P. Kilmer
Chapter 6 – Evaluating program effectiveness: Connecting process and outcomes
Part II. Evaluation Research: Selected Strategies, Methods, and Applications
Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, and Tina Taylor-Ritzler
Chapter 7 – Evaluation Capacity Building: A Partnership Approach for Program Improvement and Social Change
Pamela Imm, Mary Brolin, Janice Yost, and Opal Stone
Chapter 8 – Empowerment Evaluation
Greg Townley
Chapter 9 – Using Geographic Information Systems to evaluate community programs and facilitate change
Andrew D. Case and Joy S. Kaufman
Chapter 10 – Qualitative Evaluation in Community Partnership
Jennifer Watling Neal and Zachary P. Neal
Chapter 11 – Network Analysis in Evaluation Research
Sarah Pettijohn and Joanne Carman
Chapter 12 – Using Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses in the Community Context
Part III. Evaluation in Action: Special Topics and Contexts
Katherine Strater Hogan and Virginia Covill
Chapter 13 – Investing in Nonprofit Development through Evaluation Capacity and Strategic Partnerships: A Four-Tiered Model
Lindsay G. Messinger, Ryan P. Kilmer, and James R. Cook
Chapter 14 – Community-University Partnerships to Promote Change
Melissa Strompolis, Megan Branham, and Whitney Tucker
Chapter 15 – Data-Driven Advocacy and Advocacy Evaluation
Victoria Scott, Jonathan Scaccia, & Kassy Alia
Chapter 16 – Using Evaluation to Promote Improvements in Health Service Settings
Rebecca Campbell, Jessica Shaw, Hannah Feeney, and Debi Cain
Chapter 17 – Creating Collaborative Partnerships Through Participatory Evaluation to Shape Public Policy
James R. Cook and Ryan P. Kilmer
Chapter 18 – Epilogue

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