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The Problem of Crime

The Problem of Crime

Second Edition
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July 2001 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This second edition of The Problem of Crime offers a comprehensive analysis of some of the most important developments in the study of crime. The book considers how the criminological gaze has shifted its focus from a preoccupation with 'crimes of the streets' to examining also the serious social harms and injuries associated with crime in the city, child abuse, domestic violence, organized crime, corporate crime, political violence, hate crime and crimes of the state. The book also emphasizes the necessity of studying the staging and representation of crime in the news media and popular culture. In doing so The Problem of Crime highlights the ways that criminologists are currently challenging and reformulating the concept of crime.

Drawing on a wide range of explanatory and illustrative material, the contributors interrogate the proposition that there are universally agreed conceptions of what constitutes the crime problem. A persistent and widespread public concern with crime suggests that everyone knows what it is. However, each chapter in this book shows that 'crime' carries a range of meanings and understandings that are open to disputation, and which shift historically and culturally.

Ranging over a wide variety of issues, this fully revised and updated edition will be essential reading for students of criminology, criminal justice, socio-legal studies, social policy and sociology, and also for readers with a general interest in crime.

The Problem of Crime is a course text for the Open University course, Crime, Order and Social Control (D315).


John Muncie and Eugene McLaughlin
John Muncie
The Construction and Deconstruction of Crime
John Clarke
The Pleasures of Crime
Interrogating the Detective Story

Jim Sharpe
Crime, Order and Historical Change
Peggotty Graham and John Clarke
Dangerous Places
Crime and the City

Ester Saraga
Dangerous Places
The Family as a Site of Crime

Gordon Hughes and Mary Langan
Good or Bad Business?
Exploring Corporate and Organized Crime

Eugene McLaughlin
Political Violence, Terrorism and the States of Fear

Praise for the First Edition:

`By providing accessible and readable introductions to often neglected aspects of crime, the volume is a welcome change from texts focusing on the more conventionally constructed problems of juvenile crime, theft and violent crime' - Reviewing Sociology

This is an essential read within my course and is a text which students will find very useful when studying the module 'Crime and Society'. The text addresses everything from family crime to state crime, terrorism to corporporate crime and gives an excellent insight into the very definition of crime itself.
An essential for any student new to the study of crime, and one of the few texts I have come across with such an interesting and useful chapter on both corporate and state crime, related to the UK

Miss Laura Firth
Public Services, Runshaw College
August 25, 2011

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