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The Program Evaluation Standards

The Program Evaluation Standards
A Guide for Evaluators and Evaluation Users

Third Edition

July 2010 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Helping you use program evaluation standards most effectively

With oversight from the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, Yarbrough, Schulha, Hopson, and Caruthers have revised and illustrated this new edition of the Program Evaluation Standards. These thirty standards support the core attributes of evaluation quality: utility, feasibility, propriety, accuracy, and accountability, and provide guidance to anyone interested in planning, implementing, or using program evaluations. The book is an invaluable resource for practicing evaluators, students, evaluation users, and clients.

The Joint Committee
Author Page
Applying the Standards
The Functional Table of Standards
Evaluation Accountability
Documentation Reference Lists
Appendix A: The 1981 Program Evaluation Standards
Appendix B: The 1994 Program Evaluation Standards

This book summarizes the standards to which the students will be held. It will stand them in good stead both as a text for this course and as a reference in the future.

Dr Paula Dawidowicz
School Of Education, Walden University
October 12, 2012
Key features

Key Features

  • Provides extensive attention to cultures and contexts in evaluations
  • Encourages reflective practice based on in-depth understanding of standards and their applications
  • Suggests flexible approaches for learning how to use the standards
  • Includes a new section, Evaluation Accountability, emphasizing metaevaluation for improvement and accountability guided by three new metaevaluation standards
  • Includes case scenarios and applications across multiple standards to help users apply the standards individually and in concert
  • Offers updated documentation reference lists

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