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The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change

The Psychology of Attitudes and Attitude Change

Third Edition
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November 2018 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This third edition explores the scientific methods that are used to better understand attitudes and how they change, updated to reflect the flurry of research activity in this dynamic subject over the past few years. Providing the fundamental concepts for understanding attitudes, with a balanced consideration of all approaches, the book pulls together many diverse threads from research across the world.

Key features:

  • Research highlights illustrate interesting and important case studies and their findings
  • Recap 'What we have learned' and 'What do you think?' questions at the end of chapters get students thinking
  • Key terms and a glossary help students get up to speed with terminology
  • Even more international in scope – with research drawn from many countries and a stronger European perspective
  • New research in areas such as hypocrisy, persuasion, matching and evaluative conditioning has been considered and included, showing the flourishing nature of this subject area
  • Online resources including multiple choice questions, journal articles and flashcards for students, and PowerPoint slides and essay questions for lecturers to use for teaching ideas


PART I: Why Do Attitudes Matter?
Chapter 1: What are Attitudes and How are They Measured?
Chapter 2: The Three Witches of Attitude
PART II: What Do Attitudes Do?
Chapter 3: The Influence of Attitudes on Information Processing and Behavior
Chapter 4: How Do Attitudes Influence Behavior?
PART III: What Shapes Attitudes?
Chapter 5: Cognitive Influences on Attitudes
Chapter 6: Affective Influences on Attitudes
Chapter 7: Behavioral Influences on Attitudes
Chapter 8: Basic Principles in How Attitudes are Shaped
PART IV: What More is There to Learn?
Chapter 9: The Internal World
Chapter 10: The External World
Chapter 11: An Eye to the Future


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For students:

  • MCQs
  • SAGE journal articles
  • Flashcards   

For lecturers: 

  • Instructor MCQs (testbank)   
  • Essay questions (testbank)  
  • SAQs (testbank) 
  • PPTs 
  • Figures from the book

Excellent reference book for those seeking a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind attitude formation and attitude change. The authors did an excellent job in consolidating the results of several years of research in this important area, by several eminent scholars.

Dr Joseph Vella
Dept of Media and Communication, University of Malta
August 10, 2020

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