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The Public Speaking Playbook

The Public Speaking Playbook

Third Edition

January 2020 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Key features


  • Streamlined so students quickly reach the “how-to” of the learning modules, the text allows students to receive the essentials they need to work independently and collaboratively in preparing, rehearsing, and presenting a speech.
  • New student speeches and updated examples coach students on how to prepare, practice, and present speeches for diverse audiences of varying sizes in an array of forums—from classroom to community centers, from organizational to public venues, and from face-to-face settings to online presentations.
  • A wider playbook analogy is woven throughout the textbook, demonstrating to students how practicing and executing the exercises take the fear out of public speaking and free up time to share their interests, knowledge, passions, and concerns with others.
  • Assignable SAGE Premium Video: Boost Comprehension. Bolster Analysis.
  • Available via YouSeeU for The Public Speaking Playbook, Second Edition and linked through SAGE coursepacks, SAGE Premium Video is tied to learning objectives and curated and produced exclusively for this text. SAGE Premium Video brings concepts to life and appeals to different learning styles, featuring over 100 video clips highlighting exemplary speech components and tips for improvement and 18 full-length professional speeches.


  • Provides a play-by-play guide to presentations using a coaching theme to encourage the speaker to practice regularly in order to build skills and speak at peak ability
  • Streamlined chapters provide a detailed guide for mastering public speaking by breaking down the topical coverage into brief skill-building learning modules
  • Empowers students to manage speech anxiety, build confidence, and prepare for their first speech from the start by covering the fundamentals of speech preparation and delivery in the first two chapters
  • Self-assessments, Game Plans, and checklists highlight areas where students excel or need improvement, setting the tone for building skills and confidence through routine practice
  • Exercises put skills into practice in every chapter, with a regular emphasis on speech analysis, speech preparation, and delivery
  • Coaching Tips drive home the key takeaways for the speaker with inspiring quotes and practical advice. 
  • Annotated speech exercises promote deeper understanding of effective speech construction through review and critique.
  • Organized for quick reference and step-by-step instruction with color-coded tabs to help students find guidance quickly for every stage of the speechmaking process.
  • Infused with relevant coverage of real-world public speaking issues from using technology to deliver speeches or conduct research to engaging audiences ethically and with respect for diversity.

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ISBN: 9781544332406